Saying goodbye

For many of us, not being able to follow our usual rituals before and following the death of a loved one can intensify our distress. Our sense of helplessness and guilt can be magnified. Where possible find ways, with those closest to your loved one, to remember them. If holding a funeral is not possible, organise a time when you can all share a telephone call or use an app to connect with each other to read a poem that describes how you are feeling, share memories of the person, or say a prayer. If this isn’t possible, sometimes having a picture or an object that you helps you feels closer to them can be reassuring, listen to a special piece of music, or write a letter to mark saying goodbye. Remember that a service of remembrance can be held once the pandemic is over.

For information about making funeral arrangements:

Guidance for Faith Groups: During the Covid-19 outbreak

Government guidance may impact end of life rituals for religious communities;