Creative Health Warwickshire

Warwickshire County Council’s Creative Health Warwickshire programme incorporates six commissioned projects involving dance, music, storytelling, art and more to promote social connectivity and improve wellbeing.  

Taking part in creative and cultural activities has been shown to have a range of benefits for physical and mental health, offering a fun and engaging way to improve individual and community health and wellbeing.

The programmes taking place during 2022 include activities such as singing, object-based reminiscence, movement to music, Memories Alive (sharing stories and creating poetry), arts and crafts and storytelling. As well as this, there is an arts CPD programme for care staff.

Find out more about each Creative Health Warwickshire project below: 

Art for Wellbeing Warwickshire | Hosted by Arty-Folks 

Arty-Folks offers a wide range of art courses including Art for Relaxation, a Passion for Plants, Woolly Wonderful, the Art of QiGong, or the Fine Art to Wellbeing throughout the year. Participants learn to express themselves through collage, drawing, painting, and movement while exploring self-development themes and techniques to maintain mental balance.

The programme currently accepts self-referrals and referrals from health and social care professionals.

For more information, please contact

Arts and Nature | Hosted by Escape Arts

Escape Arts are delivering a range of free programmes for adults with mild to moderate mental health challenges and those wanting to support their wellbeing by engaging with the natural environment. A well-recognised relationship exists between access to green space and improved mental health and wellbeing. The courses take place outside (weather permitting) and are delivered in small, friendly groups using nature and natural materials for creative activities whilst developing techniques to support wellbeing.  

For a taste of the courses delivered in 2021, watch our short video

The programme currently accepts self-referrals and referrals from health and social care professionals. Places for the programmes are limited, and registration is required.  

For more information contact or visit Escape Arts.

Singing for Lung Health | Hosted by Breathe Arts Health Research

Breathe Arts Health Research are providing singing groups for adults with chronic lung and respiratory conditions. These consist of 10-week courses led by an experienced singing specialist.  

Breathe Sing for Lung Health programmes are currently taking place via Zoom on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11am. The programmes are free and open to anyone with a diagnosed respiratory condition (including Long Covid/Post-Covid Syndrome) living in Warwickshire.  

For more information contact or visit Breathe Arts Health Research.

Arts for Dementia Warwickshire | Hosted by Arts Uplift

Arts Uplift are delivering a range of 6-week creative arts programmes within the community for people living with dementia and their carers.  

The programmes taking place during autumn 2021 include activities such as singing, object-based reminiscence, dance and storytelling. There will be an online Storytelling course, a Singing course based in Kenilworth and a Reminiscence course based in Rugby. 

The programme currently accepts self-referrals and referrals from health and social care professionals.  

Arts on Referral for Children and Young People | Hosted by Barnardo’s and Arts Connect

Barnardo’s and Arts Connect are deliver 6-week creative arts courses offering a wide range of activities such as dance, music, painting, photography and textiles for children and young people (aged 7-17 years) wanting to support their wellbeing.  

The first three age-specific courses will take place in Warwick from the end of September and then rolled out across all districts and boroughs. Courses will be after school during the week and will all lead up to celebration event in a cultural venue in January 2022. This programme will also support young people to become Young Ambassadors to have active leadership roles at events and celebrations, decision making about the programme, as well as linking into ‘Shout Out for Arts In Warwickshire’, Warwickshire’s Cultural Education Partnership which is led by young people. 

Programme registration will be through a health, education and social care professionals.  

Arts on Referral for Parents and Infants | Hosted by Barnardo’s and Arts Connect 

Barnardo’s and Arts Connect are delivering a range of 6-week creative arts programmes for new parents/carers who may be wanting to improve their wellbeing alongside their infant. All creative explorations will be sensory, rhythmic, regular, developing calm and social interactions.  

The first course will begin at the end of October. All courses will be during the day and involve parents/carers with, and alongside, their infants in creative and playful explorations across multiple art forms and sensory experiences. The courses will also include two antenatal courses, and online evening sessions just for parents/carers, in an art form that is popular, offering additional opportunities for parents/carers to develop their own skills and interests in the arts. 

Programme registration must be through a health and social care professional.