Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below are answers to questions we have received through our FAQ email address. If your question is not resolved after reading this page and you still need further advice, please send enquiries to

Frequently asked questions
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If you are unable to source supplies of PPE from your usual suppliers.

We are pleased to be able to support our key sectors with their PPE requirements.

The Government's PPE portal is taking over the provision of PPE to eligible users. To find out more about the portal, please see the following page:

GOV.UK - PPE portal: how to order COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE)

To register for the portal:
• GPs
• residential social care providers
• domiciliary social care providers
• pharmacies
• dentists
• orthodontists
• optometrists
• children’s care homes and secure homes
• all special schools and special post-16 institutes
• community drug and alcohol services
• residential drug and alcohol services

Please see GOV.UK - PPE portal: how to order COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) for information on how to register.

• mental health community care
• personal assistants (local authority, clinical commissioning group commissioned, funded through personal health budgets and self-funded)
• direct payment recipient or individual employer
• domestic violence refuges
• rough sleeping services
• extra-resident unpaid carers (an unpaid carer who does not live with the individual they care for)
• an adult social care service that is not CQC registered (for example, supported living, extra care, shared lives)
Please email for information on how to register

We will be continuing to provide PPE if needed as an emergency supply, or if you cannot access the PPE you need from the portal. To request PPE supplies, please contact giving as much information as possible and we will allocate PPE in accordance with current PHE guidelines.

We recommend that you request your next delivery of PPE when you have one week's supply left. For delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will need to submit your request by 2pm on Monday. For delivery on Thursday or Friday, you will need to submit your request by 2pm on Wednesday.

We may not be able to provide your full PPE requirement or provide more than 7 days of stock, but you can continue to make requests whenever you need.

What is the current position for paying Covid-19 related costs to care providers?

Correspondence and guidance is sent to care providers on a regular basis and this should be referred to in the first instance. However, if you have not received this, or need further guidance, please email

I provide day opportunities. How do I submit my invoices if we are not providing day opportunities but instead staff are working in the community?

Invoice for the work we are expecting/planning for you to do.  You may then need to change the support being delivered depending on needs, but you can use your discretion and judgement to deploy staff appropriately.

A letter confirming these arrangements has been sent to Warwickshire County Council contracted care providers. If you have not received this communication, please contact

Do you have any guidance for us as social care employers?

ACAS has issued advice for employers based on government guidance

Is there any change to how Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are being managed because of Covid-19?

The following measures are proposed instead of face to face visits to ensure protection for those most at risk of Human Rights breaches, to protect the Council from potential legal action and to manage the potential spread of COVID-19.

Best Interest Assessors will no longer complete routine visits to care homes and hospitals to complete assessments. Acute Hospital Managing Authorities will be requested to contact the Supervisory Body (Local Authority DoLS Service), following the expiry of their urgent authorisation to provide further details of continuing deprivations of liberty, to include the types of restrictions, intensity and duration of such, along with details of challenges and/or objections to these. In light of the provision of additional information, a decision will be made regarding assessment.

The DoLS service will continue to screen all referrals received from all Managing Authorities, we continue to utilise the ADASS screening tool to determine priority and will ensure additional screening and consideration of assessment as detailed above. 

Best Interest Assessors will conduct desktop review assessments for all renewal case, relying on previous and equivalent assessments and we will continue to process these authorisations as business as usual.

During this challenging time, a pragmatic approach must be taken to ensure vulnerable people receive appropriate legal protection.

This management plan is to be reviewed regularly and dependent upon Government advice may change.

If you have any further questions on this, please contact

Can you confirm the arrangements for the weekend for providers to contact the council if care and support cannot be delivered as planned to customers considered to be high-risk?

Providers may need to re-prioritise the services they are delivering, making their own dynamic risk assessments to deliver services for adults and children.

If anyone has emergency concerns about an adult or child out of office hours, in an emergency contact the appropriate emergency duty team on:

Warwickshire Emergency Duty Team: 01926 886922
Coventry Emergency Duty Team: 024 7683 2222
If you think that an adult or child is at immediate risk of harm, contact the police immediately on 999.

Is there any change to how DBS checks are being done because of Covid-19?

The Disclosure and Barring Service have made temporary changes to ID checking guidelines as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

We are working to get more information around DBS checks in general and will update this FAQ if more information becomes available.

Is the council considering how transport provision could be redirected to support hospital discharge and transporting care staff to calls or their place of work, such as, carers that don’t drive?

The Council has considered how the transport provision could be redirected and are now able to support hospital discharge and transporting care staff to calls or their place of work for carers who do not drive.

If transport is required urgently, please organise this and follow the guidance in the letter you will have received from the Council regarding invoicing for charges incurred after 20 March 2020.

If you require support with transport and this is not urgent, please email adding TRANSPORT to the title of the email to ensure the request is processed appropriately.

Please include in the email:

  • Transport requirement - date/time  
  • Single/daily/weekly - occurrence 
  • Geographical area  
  • Collection and drop off point (include number of stops)  
  • Number of people being transported  
  • Please record any disability or other support requirement 
  • Name of supplier/requester 
  • Phone number and/or email of requester  
How is the council supporting providers who purchase their main supplies (food, toilet rolls, toiletries, cleaning products etc) at a supermarket and not through a wholesaler, given the current situation with limits on purchases?

We have produced a letter from our Chief Executive for you to take to the supermarket asking for normal purchase limits to be waived for you as a provider. Whilst we cannot force the supermarkets to supply you in larger quantities we hope this will help. If you would like one of these letters, please email with the following information:

  • Name of Provider (such as care home name)
  • Address and phone number of Provider
  • Name and location of the usual supermarket(s) you use for shopping
  • If your staff have a work ID and if this has a photograph on it
  • Names of up to three staff who will be listed on the letter as being able to undertake shopping on behalf of the provider

Once we receive this information we will produce you a personalised letter and share it with you by email. We will also contact the supermarkets that are named to alert them that you may be coming into their store with this letter and encouraging them to be supportive of it.

Is the council looking at how it can support the deployment of staff to support provider services?

The learning and development team are drawing up at a county-wide recruitment campaign to supply staff to carry out non-personal care tasks. We are in the process of confirming the legal employment part i.e. where staff may be on unpaid leave from another job. We will also co-ordinate process and provide online training as well as staff support. We are also looking at ways to support the recruitment of permanent staff.

We are also in the process of drawing up a generic job description. If you have any ideas and would like to contribute please contact:

Lynn Bassett - 07979 658876  / or
Kate Routh -  

As a provider of housing-related support, what do we do if an individual needs to self-isolate? 

For housing-related support services - it is important that the national guidance regarding household isolation is adhered to, and services should ensure that customers are supported to do this.

In terms of providing services to people in households who are self-isolating - the key question to ask is - can the support wait until the household are out of isolation (72 hours after the last symptomatic case has finished their 7 days of self-isolation), or could it be provided in a different way, such as by telephone/videoconference etc, or via talking with another family member.

If a visit to the house is needed, then ask the customer to stay at a distance of two meters or more away (with staff member outside the house). If this is not possible, and the customer needs urgent support and it is necessary to enter the home, then we would advocate a discussion with commissioners about the best way to do this.

Housing-related support services should also refer to Government advice for Supported Living providers, which is the guidance most closely aligned with housing-related support services.

Are there any changes being made to the Mental Health Act in response to Covid-19?

Emergency legislation has been introduced to Parliament which includes temporary measures to change the Mental Health Act. These changes will not happen straight away and will only happen if staff numbers are significantly reduced.