As part of the Coventry and Warwickshire Creative Health Alliance, Warwickshire County Council Public Health has commissioned several artists to deliver important vaccination information in innovative and creative ways across the county. The purpose of the artwork is to provide reassurance and encourage positive behavioural change towards getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The artists have worked in a range of media to create this engaging work, from comic strips and videos to animations, songs and even the colourful wrapping of messaging across public transport. Where required each artist has also worked closely with focus groups in order to obtain real, valid experiences and represent the genuine thoughts and feelings of Warwickshire’s residents.


Anthony Barkworth Knight

Antony Barkworth-Knight is a filmmaker based in Manchester, UK. He creates diverse work encompassing artist film, documentary, music video and live performance. Antony was drawn to this project as he feels passionate about vaccine uptake, not only as a way to help ourselves but also as a way we can help each other.

Watch his new film, A Sense of Pride, where Dave Allcock shares how he overcame significant personal and mental health challenges to receive both doses of the vaccine.

Dan Simpson

I am a writer, performer, producer, and educator working with poetry and spoken word. I make engaging and contemporary work that aims to be entertaining, intelligent, and thought-provoking - including subjects like science and technology; history and place; art and culture; people and poetry. I was drawn to the Encouraging Vaccination project as a way to try to make a tangible difference during the pandemic. Engaging in poetry over the years has challenged my opinions and helped my personal values, and so I wanted to use the power of the written and spoken word to inspire people to get the vaccine to help society.

Listen to Dan’s poem, 'Dear Vaccine', read by Tyrone Lewis.

Eve Travers

Hi, my name is Eve Travers, I’m a 2D animator and recently I have been drawn to creating works around the themes of health and wellbeing. I’m particularly interested in bringing real stories and challenging subjects to life through art. The transformative nature of animation is the perfect medium for making difficult subjects more accessible and easier to understand for a broader audience.

Fred Campbell

Fred Campbell is a disabled Illustrator comics maker currently living in London. He loves storytelling in his work and building dense compositions using traditional pen and ink and digital techniques.

"I care deeply about the vaccination programme in this country, and feel fortunate that I was given this opportunity to use my work to help people in encouraging them to get the jab."

Read Fred’s four comics about why it’s important to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the image gallery here:

Gayatri Pasricha

Gayatri Pasricha is a graphic designer based in Leamington Spa. This project gave her the opportunity to explore the design language of the South Asian community. As an artist with an academic background, she looks to communicate difficult subjects (here would be disease and vaccination) in a simple and cheery way.

Look out for Gayatri’s vaccine messaging displayed on a variety of vehicles across Warwickshire, including buses, fire engines and refuse trucks. The artwork features the tag line “vaccinate ok please” and the design is inspired by the creative patterns, wording and colours often found on trucks across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan:

Gayatri's artwork

John Hinton

Hi! I'm a maker of theatre and music, most of it about science, and I run the not-for-profit educational arts company Ensonglopedia. I’ve always been passionately pro-vaccine and pro-expert, long before the twin pandemics of coronavirus and fake news. 

The music video I've created for Warwickshire County Council seeks to address in a light-hearted way some of the myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, and has a rousing sing-along chorus for us all to chant while standing in line for our jabs.

Trevor Woolery

Trevor Woolery is the Creative Director of Create Animate Ltd., a small animation studio specialising in creating eye-catching bespoke animations with heart. They make compelling and engaging content that empowers, educates and spreads awareness of important topics, issues and stories.