Advice for the voluntary and community sector and town and parish councils

We are committed to supporting Warwickshire’s communities through the current coronavirus pandemic.

Warwickshire’s communities are responding brilliantly to the situation, reflecting the strength of our rich, diverse and resilient voluntary and community sector.

Large amounts of volunteers are coming forward and communities across the county are setting up support groups to help ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities have the help they need in these unprecedented times.

To help support this groundswell of activity, we are working hard to provide up-to-date information and advice to voluntary and community groups and town and parish councils.

We are:

  • Ensuring clear communication channels into town and parish councils and into the voluntary sector so that groups and organisations have the most up to date information about Coronavirus. We are using the communication channels of Warwickshire Association of Local Councils, Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action and the Equality and Inclusion Partnership to circulate information. We are also encouraging people to sign up to our Connecting Communities information service.
  • Maintaining links with our partner organisations across the county, including the Borough and District Councils, Health and Police to ensure consistent communication with our communities
  • Creating a directory of the emerging community-led support groups so that people wishing to volunteer and those in need of support can access details of where to go
  • Developing mechanisms for people wanting to volunteer in an easy and flexible way.
  • Providing advice and practical tools for community support groups, including town and parish councils, to use – see Advice for people who want to get involved

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