Staying safe and well

It is important to make sure that you keep yourself safe and well. If you need some extra help the below services are available: 


It is important to stay at home right now, but if you have a medical condition or injury which needs treatment, the NHS is still here to look after you. The NHS have made a guide to help you understand how you can get NHS help when you need it: 

Mental health services

It is important for people to look after their mental health to stay well. There are lots of tips and advice on how to cope and services in Warwickshire that can support you. 

This list includes: 

  • Telephone support  
  • Online resources
  • Apps
  • Support for young people 

For urgent medical needs call your GP, or NHS 111. 

For those with Autism who may be feeling anxious about Coronavirus the National Autistic Society has lots of resources around managing anxiety.

Dementia services 

If you are living with or supporting someone with dementia there are services available for you to speak online or over the phone.  

This could be someone to listen, suggestions on how to cope or advice on services which could help you.  

Dementia Connect is a support service (ran by Alzheimer’s Society) who will listen to you and be able to suggest what could help:  

More information on services in Warwickshire that can offer information and support for carers.  


If you are an unpaid carer there is more information on the support from Warwickshire on our support for carers page

Knowing people who are unwell from coronavirus 

During this time you may know people who are unwell with Coronavirus, Turning Point has made a useful guide to help explain this: 

If someone you know has recently passed away and you would like support or to talk about it there is a list of services you can contact on our bereavement page.   

Online safety 

As many services available are now online it is important to make sure you stay safe when online -the following guide helps with how to do this:

For parents of children with disabilities around online safety there is also a useful guide available:

Mencap have also made training on staying safe online.

Direct Payments 

For those with a Direct Payment there is detailed guidance for you on our direct payments page.

This also includes a link to a Key Worker letter template you can use if you employ a PA.