We are pleased to be able to support our key sectors with their PPE requirements.

This service is not intended to replace your normal key supply chains. However, we want to ensure you can always access the PPE you need, even when your usual routes may not be functioning as normal.

We support:

  • adult social care (care homes, personal assistants, domiciliary care, supported living)
  • those who provide informal unpaid care, and do not live with the person they care for
  • children’s homes
  • residential special schools
  • the local authority (children social care, adult social care, mental health)
  • funeral services
  • education
  • early years provision
  • district and borough councils
  • primary care and other services supported by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), such as:
    • mortuaries
    • hospices and palliative care
    • primary care
    • pharmacists
    • emergency dentists

Identifying PPE requirements and allocation

We follow national guidance for the appropriate use of PPE.

We can supply:

  • masks
  • eye protection
  • gloves
  • aprons
  • hand sanitiser

Specialist items are also available for specific sectors.

Request support

Apply online for PPE

We will determine the amount of PPE we can provide to you depending on your need, the number of days requested, and our stock levels.

For delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will need to submit your request by 2pm on Monday. For delivery on Thursday or Friday, you will need to submit your request by 2pm on Wednesday.

Details of any requests from primary care or other services supported by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will be passed on to the CCG for them to process and supply.

You can request PPE on multiple occasions as needed, although if you are able to access PPE via the PPE Portal, please use that in the first instance. For further information please see our FAQs page.

Advice on the Safe Use of PPE During the Heat Wave

Public Health England and Health and Safety Executive have issued the following guidance regarding the increased risk of heat stress while wearing PPE.

You may have also heard concerns regarding hand sanitiser in cars during hot weather. The National Fire Chiefs Council has debunked this myth and offered guidance on the safe use of hand sanitiser in hot weather. You can read this information here: