Home care

Who gets home care?

Anyone can organise their own home care, and we can work with you to assess your needs.

If you are eligible for funded social care, an appropriate package of care will be put in place. If we have arranged your home care, this will be regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.

You can pay the home care provider yourself directly if:

  • you have savings of more than £23,250;
  • you are a couple with savings of more than £46,500.

For more information please see Social care charges

In certain instances, we might arrange the care on your behalf and you would pay the full cost of your care if you have savings of above.

Organising your own home care

If you are thinking about arranging your own home care it is a good idea to ask any agencies you approach the following questions.

  • Are there different rates for weekends/evenings?
  • Are there any extra charges i.e. for the carer’s travelling expenses?
  • What sort of services do you provide?
  • Will somebody visit me before the service starts? If you provide me with a service, can I contact you out of office hours? If so, how?
  • Are your carers trained?
  • Do you take up references on your carers?
  • Are you registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

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