Website information and help

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  • Website accessibility

    Information on how our website conforms to accessibility standards, and the services available to people using assistive technologies.

  • Privacy policy and site disclaimer

    The disclaimer and privacy policy for Warwickshire Direct and Warwickshire County Council websites.

  • Cookies used by Warwickshire County Council

    Cookies are small files of letters and numbers downloaded on to a device when you access certain websites. Cookies allow some of our websites to recognise a user’s device and provide content accordingly.

  • Common questions about the website

    We regularly receive freedom of information requests about the Warwickshire website and other online systems. Responses to common questions are provided here.

  • Website standards

    Details of the website standards employed by Warwickshire County Council.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by automatically retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.

  • All Warwickshire County Council websites

    We operate and maintain a number of websites within our ‘online estate’. View the full list here.

  • Translating content into other languages

    We use Google Translate, found in the footer of every page, to provide automatic translations of all of our pages. This allows content to appear in over 90 languages.

  • Linking to and from the website

    Information on our reciprocal link and external link statements.

  • Distance selling information

    In line with our relevant legal obligations, we set out the information in relation to goods or services advertised on our website for purchasing by a customer.

  • Social networking services and policies

    Information on the authorised social networking accounts used by Warwickshire County Council.

  • YouTube user guidance

    Information on keyboard shortcuts for YouTube videos, and the subtitle services we provide over our online videos.

  • Help with documents and downloads

    Details of the different types of documents you will find on our website, and links to free tools to view them.

  • Set location

    Allow us to tailor content for you, based on your location.

Website information and help was last updated on October 4, 2016.