Social care and health policies

  • Fairer charging policy for adult social care

    The main principle to be applied in this Policy is that charges will be based on the full cost of the service and that individuals will pay 100% of this charge where they can afford to do so.

  • Common Assessment Framework

    The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Lead Professional role are a key part of the strategy to improve outcomes for children and young people.

  • Full privacy notice

    Warwickshire County Council is registered as a ‘data controller’ under the Data Protection Act as we collect and process personal information about you.

  • Serious Case Review

    The purpose of a Serious Case Review is not to reinvestigate or apportion blame but to establish whether lessons can be learnt from the circumstances of a case that may improve practice or the way in which agencies and professionals work together to safeguard vulnerable adults.

  • Warwickshire Fostering Service Delegation of Authority to Foster Carers Policy

    This policy outlines the principles and approach of Warwickshire County Council to the delegation of authority to its foster carers as required under the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review and Fostering Services (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013.

  • Social care and health policies was last updated on July 24, 2017.