Gateway to Learning

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Learning at Every Stage of your Employment with WCC

Warwickshire sees people development as an essential part of achieving its mission of ‘Making Warwickshire the best place to live and work’, including the Vision 2006-2015 “working in partnership to put customers first, improve services and lead communities”.

The Gateway to Learning offers a wide range of learning and development activities all in one place.

It covers all stages of your employment with WCC; from induction, through to appraisal and personal and professional development.

It includes 1:1 development, courses, tools and guides.

If you are a manager, there are also a range of toolkits, sessions, courses, and activities to help you.

If you find the information difficult to understand, we can provide it in another format, for example, in large print, on audio tape, in another language or through discussion.

  • A to Z

    The A-Z of Learning and Development, an on-line directory of Learning and Development information for WCC staff.

  • WILMa

    Warwickshire’s Interactive Learning Management environment, or WILMa for short, acts an online one-stop-shop for learning and development for employees across the county council and our partners

  • Induction

    A structured Induction period ensures that new employees are quickly brought up to a planned level of performance and understand the organisation and their role in it.

  • Corporate Appraisal

    As employees you are the organisation’s most valuable assets. Every member of staff plays a part in carrying out the Authority’s functions and delivering services.

  • Courses – When and Where

    Do I need a course? What courses are available and when? What is the booking process? What if I can’t attend?

  • Working for Warwickshire

    The ‘Working for Warwickshire Framework’ provides all staff with a guide, which details the knowledge, skills, and qualities we need from our employees.

  • Managing Change

    You will be aware that many challenges are ahead for all public sector organisations in the current economic climate and years to come. Leading and managing change successfully will be a key factor for Warwickshire County Council.

  • Management Development

    If you are a Manager, we offer a range of learning and development solutions and activities to help your personal development and career progression.

  • Learning and Development (Social Care)

    On these pages you will be able to find out more information about learning and development for the social care sector and be able to access and apply for learning and development opportunities

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    Continuing professional development (CPD) is the means by which members of professional associations maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives.

  • Sourcing External Training

    If you do need to commission / source some external training here are some pointers to help you to…

  • Agresso Financial Systems Training

    ABW is the new integrated financial system for WCC.

  • Health & Safety Training

    Health and Safety training, workshops and assessments for managers and all staff members.