Fitter Futures Warwickshire services aim to support people across Warwickshire to improve their health. This may include maintaining a healthy weight, becoming more physically active and having a healthier lifestyle.

To be a part of one of the services you have seen on the home screen, you may need to be referred by a health/social care professional. Click on each button on the home screen and this will tell you if you are eligible for a service and if you are permitted to refer yourself or if you have to be referred by someone else.

The Fitter Futures Warwickshire scheme is coordinated by NB Leisure Trust and commissioned by Public Health, Warwickshire County Council. Brief summaries of the Fitter Futures Warwickshire services are provided below. AA

Change Makers - for families with overweight children

Change Makers is a family weight management service which provides a free of charge 9-week healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and physical activity programme for families who have at least one child aged 4-12 who is overweight. Families can self refer to the programme or be referred by a professional, such as a teacher or health/social care professional.

Young People and Adult Weight Management on Referral

This service provides a free of charge 12-week programme of weight management support to young people aged 12-16 and adults aged 16+. This service is delivered by Slimming World - people will be given a choice. To be eligible for the programme people must have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more or a BMI of 28+ if there are complex needs.

Young People and Adult Physical Activity/Healthy Lifestyles on Referral

This service provides a 12-week programme of a physical activity/healthy lifestyle support to young people aged 12-16 and adults aged 16+. The service has a charge - where possible this is kept to a minimum. There are many organisations who provide this service - people will be given a choice. To be eligible for the scheme you must have one of the following conditions and be referred by a health/social care professional; mental health condition,  such as mild to moderate depression, anxiety, low mood; respiratory condition; musculoskeletal condition; neurological condition; hypertension; risk of cardiovascular disease; diabetes type 1 and 2; obesity or overweight; osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis/osteoporosis; dementia - early to mid stages.

Services to support families who have children under five and want to improve their health

There are services in Warwickshire that offer breastfeeding and weight management support. The home page on this website provides you with a link which will take you to more information about each service.