Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For support and advice about council services please call 01926 410410.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and need support call the Hotline on 0800 408 1447

Top tips

  1. Sit less and take breaks - take a quick stroll around the garden or in the house every 60 minutes. When taking a call or when the adverts appear on TV, stand up and move around. Little changes will mean you are gradually reducing the amount of time you are sat down throughout the day.
  2. Add little chunks of movement into your day - for example, when waiting for the kettle to boil, do some calf raises or shoulder taps. Add a few minutes of exercise to the end of your daily team conference calls with colleagues. Anything you can do to increase your movement will be beneficial.
  3. Take notice of nature - bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. It can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress or anger, and make you feel more relaxed. You could try the following: spend time with the windows open to let in fresh air or spend time in your garden if you have one.
  4. Get into a routine - whether it is a 10-minute wake up Pilates session, a family morning workout, a brisk 30-minute walk at lunch (adhering to Government guidance) or a workout in your living room. If you set a time, this will help you continue leading an active lifestyle.
  5. Don’t compare and despair - social media is saturated with individuals regularly posting about their intense workouts. We all live different lives, with contrasting goals, pressures and interests, so focus on what you can achieve within your environment. Some days will feel much easier than others, this is normal!