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Cooking safety

Cooking safety top tips - take care with hot oil, don't cook while drunk

Most household fires start in the kitchen and can be prevented by following some safe cooking principles: 

  • Never leave cooking appliances unattended while they are in use.  
  • Clear your cooking area, removing clutter, towels and other things that might potentially catch fire.  
  • Use timers and thermostats to prevent food from overheating or burning.  
  • Use cooking appliances according to the manufacturer's instructions, following guidance for temperature settings and cooking times.  
  • Stay focused and alert and avoid cooking while under the influence of alcohol or medications that may impair your ability to concentrate.  
  • Turn the handles of your pots and pans on the hob inward, so they aren’t accidentally knocked over. 
  • Keep children and pets away from the cooking area.  
  • If you have a fire from oil or grease, never attempt to extinguish it with water, as this can cause the fire to spread.  
    • Instead, turn off the heat source and, if safe to do so, leave the room and call 999. 
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