Finance Business Unit

Finance – Head of Service: John Betts

Our primary aim is to provide high quality and cost effective financial support and advice to all services within the council and to the council as a whole.

We are in the process of making substantial savings and the pace and magnitude of these financial challenges requires large scale reform.  In response, the Finance Service will continue to deliver its core services to the Authority to the standards expected within increasingly tightened financial constraints, but will also directly support the Authority in its delivery of corporate savings and transformation plans.

In part, this is reflected through the medium term financial plan, which sets out how we intend to use and raise resources needed to deliver our services and priorities. But the Finance Service also underpins the overall framework for improvement for the Authority by contributing evidence to inform financial planning and providing greater transparency by making information about our finances readily available.

The Finance Service is also transforming itself to meet the changing needs of the Authority by, for example, implementing a new county wide financial system and introducing a new financial framework for effectively managing our scarce resources.  This also supports service managers in delivering their own change as well as supporting sub-regional working and strategic commissioning throughout the Authority. 

In practical terms, the Finance Service is leading the way by redesigning its own services to optimise efficiency and effectiveness as well as downsizing itself to meet budget and resource pressures, and minimising bureaucracy and administration by introducing more effective financial management.

  • Financial projects group

    Undertakes and supports major corporate projects which have significant risk implications for the Authority.

  • Treasury and Pensions

    Warwickshire County Council administers the scheme on behalf of the Local Government Pension Scheme. We currently administer the scheme for 77 employers, including District and Borough Councils, charitable organisations, schools and colleges.