Legal advice for families

The services and organisations listed below can provide families with independent legal information and advice on:

  • all areas of child law including education and school based issues and the employment of children
  • how different laws can affect family life
  • your rights and legal issues
  • the legal aid scheme and how it works
  • how to find a legal advisor or legal representation

Legal advice for families

  • The Children’s Legal Centre – provides legal representation for children. They help to make sure that parents and carers can get accurate advice on child law and that they can get the support and services to which they are entitled.
  • Legal Advice – offers free, confidential and independent legal advice to the residents of England and Wales covering issues such as family life, finance, housing and homelessness, education and training, benefits, legal aid and how to find a legal advisor.
  • Advice Now – provides accurate and up-to-date advice on rights and legal issues.
  • Legal Aid –  Find out if you are entitled to legal aid.

Legal advice for families was last updated on March 28, 2018.