Household waste recycling centres

Winter opening hours effective from 01 October 2018

hours may vary for individual sites. Please see the individual site page for more information.

Burton Farm Recycling Centre All Day Weds. 19/12/18:- Essential Drainage Maintenance Work will Cause Delays at Entrance

Please be aware that essential drainage works will cause some delays to access and egress at this site.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Alternative facilities in case you want to avoid the site include:-

Princes Drive Leamington CV31 3PH
Cherry Orchard Kenilworth CV8 2SS
Loxley Rd. Wellesbourne CV35 9QZ

WCC Waste Management 01926 412593.

Last updated on: December 13, 2018 4:53 pm


  • What you can take and where (map)

    An interactive map to find out what you can recycle at each recycling centre.

  • Vehicle restrictions

    Restrictions are in place at all of Warwickshire’s recycling centres and restrict vehicles such as vans, pick-ups, trailers and large 4x4’s.

  • Commercial waste

    Information to assist you manage your business waste properly along with what services are available for recycling and disposing of your business waste.

  • Paint, hazardous and restricted waste

    Information on hazardous waste such as asbestos, chemicals and paint and items that are restricted such as clinical waste, soil/rubble, plasterboard, tyres and gas bottles.

  • Where does my recycling go ?

    Information on what happens to all your recycling.

  • Reuse shops

    Available at each recycling centre to donate and purchase goods to benefit a local charity. For opening hours and contact details visit the relevant recycling centre page.

  • Pedestrian access

    For safety reasons pedestrian access is not permitted at any of the recycling centres. However if you do not have access to a vehicle please call the waste management team on 01926 412593 where arrangements may be able to be made (48 hours notice required).

  • Maximising recycling

    In order to recycle as much as possible, black bags may be opened by staff and you may be asked to sort and recycle any mixed bags of rubbish. Please remember to pre-sort your rubbish before visiting and place all items in the correct containers. Please co-operate with staff and ask for assistance if required.

  • Abuse of site rules

    We reserve the right to apply charges for incidents of abuse of site rules and policies. For a car load of general waste the charge will typically be around £28 (although the cost will be based upon the type of waste and an estimation of the amount of waste) plus a £35 administration fee to cover staff time dealing with the matter (including senior managers as appropriate). In the event that such charges are unpaid and the matter has to be passed to Legal Services to pursue further recovery of the charges, then you may also be liable for additional costs and fees.