Education and learning

The Education and Learning Business Unit aims to be the Champion of the Learner. The three key priorities for the Education and Learning business unit are that:

Every child and young person in Warwickshire will:

  • Attend a good or outstanding school or setting;
  • Achieve well whatever their starting point or circumstances; and
  • Go on to positive destinations.

We promote high levels of achievement and attainment by:

  • Building capacity and supporting improvement in early years settings, schools and other learning providers;
  • Ensuring every child and young person has access to a place in high quality early years settings, or schools, or learning providers, and providing learning opportunities for adults;
  • Ensuring provision for children and young people with special educational needs, and vulnerable groups;
  • Supporting young people in the transition to adulthood and employment, especially the most vulnerable.

  • School organisation and planning

    The service area works to support children and young people at every stage of their
    school career, ensuring the provision of high quality, affordable Early Years care
    places and sufficient high quality school places; and providing efficient admissions and school transport services. The service is responsible for developing and implementing the county-wide Sufficiency Strategy.

  • Vulnerable learners

    The service area works to ensure that the most vulnerable children and young people are supported to attend and attain at the school by commissioning and improving Special Educational Needs provision; working with families to improve attendance and behaviour and reduce exclusions; and improving educational provision for children from ethnic minority backgrounds. The service is responsible for developing and implementing the Vulnerable Learners Strategy.

  • Learning and performance

    The service area works to ensure that the most vulnerable children and young people have access to quality educational provision, including schools that have been judged good or outstanding by Ofsted, and alternative education provision. The service is responsible for the Council’s School Improvement and ‘Closing the Gap’
    strategies. It also encourages school leavers’ participation and engagement in further education, training and employment.

  • Adult and community learning

    The service area works to ensure that adult learners have access to quality
    education provision, including vocational qualification programmes.

  • Education and learning was last updated on December 7, 2018.