The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on a global scale forcing governments to put measures into place that has been unprecedented in order to try and protect businesses and the livelihood of its workforce. The crisis has had far reaching effects upon the global and national economy. Whilst the impact and pressures felt by each individual business is unique, there are many similarities to the shape of their recovery. 

We have launched a new £300,000 initiative. The “Survive, Sustain and Grow” programme will provide an enhanced business consultancy service to assist businesses with their post COVID-19 recovery plans.

The program is open to all established micro and small enterprises in the retail, tourism & hospitality sector based in Warwickshire and will offer a tailored COVID-19 recovery support package through its network of specialist consultants. They will assist in developing and delivering a robust business framework that will identify key stages, challenges and opportunities the businesses should consider as they progress towards succeeding post COVID-19. 

All support will be provided free of charge and will look to engage with companies in all business sectors but with a focus on Retail, Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is no doubt challenging for everyone, none more so than for a small business and their employees. Just as companies have weathered other economic downturns we can all work together to survive this.

Please note if your business is not established then we also offer a range of start up support.

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