We have established a Covid-19 Adapt and Diversify grant scheme as part of a package of funding to support economic recovery in the county. Our new scheme offers grants of £2,500 to £5,000 to access specialist external advice and up to £20,000 for projects which involve specialist advice and/ or the purchase of equipment or the refurbishment of property.


It is open to all retail, hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses and certain identified businesses in their supply chains that have also been affected by Covid-19. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have been negatively affected by Covid-19, and have clear plans to adapt and diversify their business.

Before you apply

Before submitting an application, you must read the guidance carefully and check your SIC code. These documents have all been updated so please ensure you make yourself aware of any amendments.

Adapt and Diversify Webinar

We held a webinar on Wednesday 28 April, where WCC Offers explained the process of applying for an Adapt and Diversify Grant. The webinar was recorded, so if you wish to view this webinar, please click on this link: Adapt and Diversify Webinar 28 April.

Launch information

The Adapt and Diversify grant scheme was initially launched on 1 February when advance information was made available including details of how to apply and the documentation required. We have now launched Round 2 of the Adapt and Diversify grant scheme, on the 20 April.

This announcement gives applicants advance notice of Round 2, with all associated documents available to review, so their application can be prepared in readiness.

Quotes from some successful applicants of our Retail and Hospitality Grant:

"To have the support of such a forward-thinking council as Warwickshire County Council, which truly supports the business community, is amazing. It has made a real difference." - Nat Coalson, Gallery Photiq Director

"The grant has been such a help. It has been a really difficult year and, at a time like that, it is just nice to feel supported. I have got an amazing team and just want to keep their jobs as safe as possible and this is a big step towards that." - Rachel Slatcher, The Bell Inn Manager

"The council has been so supportive of local businesses and I can't thank them enough. The grant was easy to access and Louisa Smith at the council was always there to help." - Abigail Edmunds, Domino Style Owner

"There is no way we could have financed a refit ourselves, so the grant has made all the difference. I can't thank the council enough. Their support has really helped us through." - John Mackinnon, Frog & Mouse Owner

"The grant has been absolutely brilliant. It enabled us to make improvements that we knew would really help, but couldn't afford the risk of financing completely ourselves." - Steve Legate, House of Carpets Co-Director

Our new Adapt and Diversify Grant is open to an even wider category of businesses then our Retail & Hospitality grant programme. So if you have a plan to ‘adapt and diversify’ your business, please ensure:

  • you read our guidance to check for eligibility
  • check your business category against our eligible SIC code list
  • and apply using our online application form from Monday 17 May.


Some elements of the form are not accessible to visitors with some disabilities.

If you need assistance completing the form, please contact business@warwickshire.gov.uk.

Other support

This grant programme is for retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses only and certain identified businesses in their supply chains that have also been affected by Covid-19. Businesses in other sectors might be interested in our Survive, Sustain and Grow programme which provides a consultancy service to assist businesses with their post-Covid-19 recovery plans.

For details of all other support to help your business recover from Covid-19, please contact Coventry and Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub.

You can find more information from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce if you require support and your business is less than a year old.

We also offer small capital grants to businesses with growth plans: