E safety: Safeguarding Children in the Digital World

Working with Warwickshire schools on e-safety is a vital contribution to the outcome of ‘Every Child Matters’ to help keep children safe. We work with schools to alert them to the risks when using the Internet and provide advice and support to implement precautionary measures. We also advise schools how to take appropriate action if and when e-safety measures have been breached.

Our e-safety programme is the direct result of working alongside the Police Liaison Officer for Warwickshire and the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Group, a national body working across the UK tackling child abuse. We have also consulted with Kent Local Authority to share effective e-safety practice.

The starting point for e-safety is our draft ‘E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policies’ that provide guidance and a working framework for schools in Warwickshire to adapt and implement. To ensure schools are able to effectively use the framework and policy, we offer specific e-safety courses for teaching staff such as Think U Know and offer safeguarding support and advice as part of our Strategic Advice and Support Service. This includes our e-learning advisers delivering e-safety messages to pupils as part of school assemblies and delivering e-safety sessions to parents to provide advice and guidance in how pupils can safely use the Internet at school and at home. To help schools monitor how the Internet is being used within the classroom, all of our schools in Warwickshire use Policy Central Enterprise (PCE) and Websense.

Policy Central Enterprise (PCE) Software

PCE is powerful software that allows schools to identify potential violations. Any inappropriate text or phrase will trigger the system to take a screen shot of the violation that is then stored and can be investigated further. We also provide a monitoring service for primary schools so that if a violation occurs, the school is contacted. Details of the workstation, the date and time the trigger took place are also captured. Warwickshire Local Authority is the first authority in the country to rollout PCE and monitor violations on a large scale.

Websense Filter

Websense is an Internet filter that has been deployed in Warwickshire schools for a number of years. By filtering inappropriate websites and material, it keeps a detailed log of all websites visited and provides extensive reporting functionality to help schools and the Local Authority to restrict or provide access to websites. It meets all Becta requirements for filtering accreditation and is rated highly for detecting proxy avoidance. It can be applied flexibly in a primary or secondary school setting allowing some degree of control to be delegated to the school.

Schools Virtual Environment Server (SVEN) Server

Almost all secondary schools have a SVEN Server which allows the school to manage their own URL filtering and monitoring services. This is a single server with several virtual servers installed: Websense filtering, logging and reporting, Policy Central Enterprise (PCE) and ISA.

E safety: Safeguarding Children in the Digital World was last updated on March 8, 2017.