Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team

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About us

Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is a partnership function with responsibility for coordinating the county’s approach to reducing harm caused by the misuse of alcohol and drugs on individuals, families and communities.

Our work involves:

  • Coordinating the countywide implementation of the national drug and alcohol strategies
  • Producing drug and alcohol needs assessments
  • Commissioning recovery focused drug and alcohol treatment and support services
  • Coordinating partnership activity aimed at promoting good health and reducing the negative effects of drug and alcohol use

  • Drugs information

    Service contact details and information for people who are experiencing problems with drugs.

  • Alcohol information

    If you are worried about your own, or someone else’s drinking, our useful links and services can provide you with expert information, support and guidance.

  • Needs assessments

    Drug and alcohol needs assessments are produced on annual basis in partnership with the Warwickshire Observatory. They provide a picture of the level of need for drug and alcohol treatment in the county. The findings and recommendations within the assessments help to inform the council and its partners with planning services for the future.

  • National Drug Strategy 2010

    The national strategy is structured around three key objectives: reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery. Warwickshire partners have produced a strategy implementation plan stating how they aim to contribute to these objectives.

Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team was last updated on September 6, 2017.