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The County Council has been working at pace with partners and stakeholders on plans which will see temporary changes made to some road layouts and pedestrian thoroughfares to support social distancing as lockdown measures begin to be eased. This work is forming an important part of the County Council’s response to the public health crises created by Covid-19 and is in line with Government expectations.

We are focusing our resources on measures which support the gradual re-opening and recovery of our town centres. Schemes are being developed which create space for social distancing so that businesses can operate, the public can confidently return to town centres and they can be reached safely on foot or by bicycle. We will look to explore further opportunities beyond town centres should budgets and resources allow.

Scheme locations, extents and design will vary in response to the needs and layouts of each town, but may include the use of:

  • signs
  • lane closures
  • road closures
  • one-way systems
  • and the suspension of on-street town centre parking.

The measures are being introduced using temporary traffic management such as barriers, cones and signs. 

Town schemes

Schemes were introduced in Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Rugby to coincide with the reopening on non-essential shops from Monday 15 June. Following local engagement the temporary measures introduced in Rugby Town Centre were removed at the end of June. The measures in Warwick were removed at the end of July. 

It has been agreed that the scheme in Stratford-upon-Avon will be adapted. The main measures of the revised scheme, which will be introduced shortly, are:

  • High Street - Daytime closure 11am to 6pm.
  • Bridge Street - Reverts to two-way traffic. Some pavements widened to support social distancing.
  • Measures on Chapel Street, Sheep Street, Wood Street and Greenhill Street removed.

Please follow the links below to view summary plans and descriptions of the schemes.


We will monitor schemes closely to ensure they remain suitable and appropriate to local conditions and need in what is a fast-changing situation. Over time we expect the schemes will be reduced or removed as social distancing measures are relaxed and traffic levels increase. We will also consider how the changes might feed into longer term plans for town centres and increasing active travel.

Due to the timescales involved it has not been possible to carry out extensive engagement on the proposals, but we recognise that it may be necessary to adapt schemes over time and in response to feedback. We would therefore welcome comments on the schemes. All feedback will be reviewed, but individual responses will not be provided.

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