Losing a loved one at any time can be extremely distressing and experiencing the death of someone special to you during this pandemic is likely to be even more traumatic. The usual ways we would work through what has happened and the support we could normally expect from friends, family and colleagues may not be available as we would want and need. The pandemic has changed the traditional ways we mark our grief. Loss of loved ones dying may be particularly severe, and grieving processes may be disrupted because of the inability to carry out our usual grieving rites.

For the moment, it is not possible to come together and to gather in one location. It is not possible to have a large funeral. It may not be possible to receive the company of those who wish to offer condolences. However, we can support ourselves and each other in different ways. Don’t struggle alone. There are many organisations who offer support to adults and children locally and nationally. Their usual way of offering face-to-face support may not be available but they are offering online and telephone support.