Corporate strategies

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  • One Organisational Plan

    Our One Organisational Plan sets out the council’s core purpose and the desired outcomes we want to achieve for the people of Warwickshire over the next four year period.

  • Delivering our priorities

    Our key strategic business and financial planning documents provide the focus for the delivery of our core purpose and key outcomes.

  • Marketing and communications strategy

    Warwickshire County Council’s Marketing and Communications Strategy demonstrates to our stakeholders that the council is a dynamic and robust organisation responding professionally to the significant challenges it faces.

  • Fraud and corruption strategy

    The council has a responsibility to have anti fraud and corruption arrangements in place and it is essential that the management of risk of fraud be placed at the very top of the corporate governance arrangements.

  • Risk management strategy

    Risk management is an integral part of good management and corporate governance and is therefore at the heart of what we do. It is essential to the Council’s ability to deliver public services and as a custodian of public funds.

  • Property strategy

    Our property is a valuable resource. It provides the means from which we deliver our services and manage our business

  • Information strategy

    We generate and receive a huge amount of information. As such, information is one of our key assets and this strategy sets out our aims how we will manage the creation, storage and sharing of information to ensure that we get the most out of it.

  • Customer service and access strategy

    The Strategy is about responding to our customers’ current and future needs; tailoring services to meet local needs; improving access to services by engaging with the community and empowering them to be fully involved in providing solutions.