Copy certificates – marriage or civil partnership certificates

Copy marriage or civil partnership certificates available

Please note that some of the registers on the list below have been sent away for filming and will be unavailable for certificate production for several weeks. Please contact our call centre if you require more information regarding unavailable registers.

Only a limited number of records are currently available to order online. We will be adding more records to this system and apologise for any inconvenience.

For copies of certificates which are not online, please apply by post or in person.

AreaBuildingData available onlineRegisters held – not yet indexed online
AtherstoneAtherstone Register Office/Approved Premises1839 to 20102010 to present date
AtherstoneAnsley, St Johns Mission (CLOSED)1950 to 1975
AtherstoneAnsley, St Lawrence1837 to 19911991 to 2012
AtherstoneArley, St Wilfred1837 to 19731973 to 2017
AtherstoneArley, St Michael1987 to 1992
AtherstoneAstley, St Mary1837 to 2006
AtherstoneAtherstone, St Mary1851 to 1997
AtherstoneAustrey, St Nicholas1837 to 20072007 to 2015
AtherstoneBaddesley Ensor, St Nicholas1837 to 19761976 to 2017
AtherstoneBaxterley Parish Church1838 to 19941994 to 2015
AtherstoneBentley, St John (CLOSED Demolished 1972)1837 to 1947
AtherstoneCaldecote, St Theobald & St Chad (CLOSED 2018)1839 to 20012008 to 2016
AtherstoneColeshill, St Peter & St Paul1837 to 20092009 to 2018
AtherstoneCorley Parish Church1838 to 1994
AtherstoneCurdworth, St Nicholas1838 to 20092009 to 2016
AtherstoneDordon, St Leonard1902 to 1995
AtherstoneFillongley, St Mary All Saints1838 to 20112011 to 2018
AtherstoneGreat Packington, St James (Private Chapel to Packington Estate)1837 to 1993
AtherstoneGrendon, All Saints1837 to 20062006 to 2018
AtherstoneHartshill, Holy Trinity1848 to 20112011 to 2017
AtherstoneHurley, Church of the Resurrection1905 to 1969
AtherstoneKingsbury, St Peter and St Paul1837 to 1973 , 1988 to 20091973 to 1988, 2009 to 2015
AtherstoneLea Marston, St John the Baptist1838 to 19761976 to 2010
AtherstoneLittle Packington, St Bartholomew (CLOSED 1991)1838 to 1955
AtherstoneMancetter, St Peter1837 to 20072008 to 2013
AtherstoneMaxstoke, St Michael & All Angels1838 to 20042004 to 2018
AtherstoneMerevale, Our Lady1838 to 20052005 to 2016
AtherstoneMiddleton, St John the Baptist1837 to 19991999 to 2011
AtherstoneNether Whitacre, St Giles1837 to 20032003 to 2017
AtherstoneNewton Regis, St Mary1837 to 2002
AtherstoneNo Man’s Heath, St Mary the Virgin (CLOSED 2009)1875 to 1996
AtherstoneOver Whitacre, St Leonard1837 to 2001
AtherstonePolesworth, St Editha1837 to 1994
AtherstoneSeckington, All Saints1838 to 1968
AtherstoneShustoke, St Cuthbert1838 to 2005
AtherstoneShuttington, St Matthew1838 to 1995
AtherstoneWarton, Holy Trinity1849 to 2001
AtherstoneWater Orton, St Peter & St Paul1872 to 20092009 to 2017
AtherstoneWishaw, St Chad1837 to 20072007 to 2017
AtherstoneWoodend, St Michael All AngelsNone currently available
AtherstoneAnsley, URC (CLOSED)1972 to 1980
AtherstoneArley, St Joseph RCNone currently available
AtherstoneArley, Wesley Hall, Methodist1924 to 1985
AtherstoneAtherstone, Independent Chapel/ URC (CLOSED)1942 to 1974
AtherstoneAtherstone, St Benedict RC1952 to 1992
AtherstoneAtherstone, Trinity Methodist Church1925 to 1998
AtherstoneAustrey, Baptist Chapel (Post 1985 see Atherstone or Nuneaton RO)1982 to 1985
AtherstoneBaddesley Ensor, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED)1941 to 1992
AtherstoneBaddesley Ensor, Trinity Congregational Church, Previously Zion (CLOSED 2009)1990 to 2007
AtherstoneBodymoor Heath, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED)1967 to 1996
AtherstoneChapel End, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED)1942 to 1999
AtherstoneChapel End, URC (CLOSED 2014)1914 to 19941995 to 2007
AtherstoneColeshill, Sacred Heart & St Theresa RC1971 to 20122012 to 2018
AtherstoneColeshill, Wesleyan Methodist ChapelNone currently available
AtherstoneDordon, Congregational Church1965 to 1989
AtherstoneDordon, Kingdom HallNone currently available1993 to 2018
AtherstoneDordon, Methodist (CLOSED)1939 to 1989
AtherstoneFillongley, Wesleyan Methodist (CLOSED)1956 to 1977
AtherstoneFillongley, MethodistNone currently available
AtherstoneGrendon, Methodist Church (CLOSED 2017)1940 to 19751976 to 2008
AtherstoneHartshill, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED 2012)1924 to 2003
AtherstoneKingsbury, Methodist Chapel1936 to 1997
AtherstoneMancetter, Methodist Chapel1933 to 1977
AtherstoneNether Whitacre, Methodist Chapel1934 to 1996
AtherstonePolesworth, Baptist Chapel1907 to 1987
AtherstonePolesworth, Independent Chapel1969 to 1984
AtherstonePolesworth, Methodist Church (CLOSED 1985)1941 to 1983
AtherstoneWater Orton, Methodist Chapel1976 to 1984
NuneatonFoleshill Register Office/ Approved Premises1838 to 1932
NuneatonNuneaton Register Office/ Approved Premises2010 to 2013 (Partial Records)1839 to present day
NuneatonAttleborough, Holy Trinity1915 to 1932, 2000 to 20121854 to 1915, 1932 to 2000
NuneatonBedworth, All SaintsNone currently available1837 to 2012
NuneatonBedworth,St AndrewNone currently availableNone currently available
NuneatonBulkington, St JamesNone currently available1837 to 1957, 1964 to 2015
NuneatonChilvers Coton, All SaintsNone currently available1837 to 2017
NuneatonExhall, St GilesNone currently available1837 to 2018
NuneatonNuneaton, Galley Common, St PeterNone currently available1924 to 2016
NuneatonNuneaton, St Mary the VirginNone currently available1878 to 2016
NuneatonNuneaton, St NicolasNone currently available1837 to 1997
NuneatonNuneaton, Camp Hill, St Mary & St John1961 to 1999
NuneatonNuneaton, Stockingford, St PaulNone currently available1854 to 2009
NuneatonWeddington & Caldecote, St JamesNone currently available1838 to 2012
NuneatonAttleborough, Nuneaton, Baptist Chapel (Post October 2018 see Nuneaton RO)1931 to 1956, 1984 to 20051956 to 1984
NuneatonAttleborough, Nuneaton, Jireh Particular BaptistNone currently available
NuneatonAttleborough, Nuneaton, Wesleyan Reform Church (Post July 2018 see Nuneaton RO)1930 to 2002
NuneatonBedworth, Baptist Chapel, Coventry Rd1990 to 20071937 to 1990
NuneatonBedworth, Ebenezer Methodist Chapel1951 to 1997
NuneatonBedworth, Kingdom Hall, Deronda Close1986 to 1996
NuneatonBedworth, Life Church International1978 to 2012
NuneatonBedworth, Methodist Chapel, Mill St1920 to 19941997 to 2006
NuneatonBedworth, Old Meeting URC1899 to 2011
NuneatonBedworth, Spiritualist Church, Saunders Ave1932 to 2012
NuneatonBedworth, St Francis of Assisi RC1918 to 19341934 to 1996
NuneatonBedworth, Wesleyan Reform Church, Bulkington Rd1929 to 2007
NuneatonBedworth, Zion Baptist Chapel, Newgate Rd (CLOSED)1982 to 1989
NuneatonBedworth, Zion Chapel (CLOSED)1921 to 1961
NuneatonBulkington, Congregational Church (Post 1971 see Nuneaton RO)1940 to 1971
NuneatonExhall, Methodist Chapel, Wheelwright Lane (CLOSED)1949 to 1965, 1968 to 1998
NuneatonExhall, Methodist Church, Blackhorse Rd (CLOSED)None currently available1950 to 2003
NuneatonNuneaton URC, Coton Rd1910 to 19301930 to 1992
NuneatonNuneaton, Methodist Church, Abbey St (Previously St John)1921 to 1993
NuneatonNuneaton, Baptist Church, Manor Court Rd1914 to 1985
NuneatonNuneaton, Camp Hill, St Ann RC1994 to 2010
NuneatonNuneaton, Christian Fellowship, Pallett Drive (Previously Milby Evangelican)None currently available
NuneatonNuneaton, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints1989 to 2002
NuneatonNuneaton, Community Church, Church Rd1990 to 2000
NuneatonNuneaton, Community of Christ, Whittleford Road1985 to 2008
NuneatonNuneaton, Congregational Church, Croft Rd1938 to 1989
NuneatonNuneaton, Elim Full Gospel Church, Queens Rd1961 to 1982
NuneatonNuneaton, Horeston Grange Church CentreNone currently available
NuneatonNuneaton, Kingdom Hall, Kingswood Rd1967 to 1990
NuneatonNuneaton, Methodist Chapel, Arbury Rd (CLOSED)1922 to 19972002 to 2016
NuneatonNuneaton, Methodist Chapel, Edward St (CLOSED)1920 to 19921993 to 2007
NuneatonNuneaton, Christian Fellowship (Previously Milby Evangelican), Pallett Drive1987 to 2001
NuneatonNuneaton, Mosque1997 to 2002, 2005 to 20101991 to 1997, 2002 to 2005, 2010 to 2012
NuneatonNuneaton, New Testament Church of God, Westbury RdNone currently available
NuneatonNuneaton, Our Lady of the Angels RC, Coton Road1945 to 1949,2007 to 20081949 to 2018
NuneatonNuneaton, Methodist Chapel, Park Ave (CLOSED)1952 to 1973
NuneatonNuneaton, Salvation Army Citadel (Post 2000 see Nuneaton RO)1982 to 2000
NuneatonNuneaton, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Abbey St (CLOSED)1900 to 1962
NuneatonNuneaton, Wesleyan Reform Church, Fife St1933 to 1977
NuneatonNuneaton, Wesleyan Reform Church, Heath End Rd (Post 2004 see Nuneaton RO)1981 to 2004
NuneatonNuneaton, Whittleford, Methodist Church (CLOSED)1924 to 1980
NuneatonRyton, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Rugby Rd1920 to 1997
NuneatonWeston In Arden, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart RC1935 to 20132014 to 2017
RugbyRugby Register Office/ Approved Premises1837 to 20122012 to present day
RugbyAnsty, St James1837 to 20132013 to 2018
RugbyBilton, St Mark1837 to 2005
RugbyBirdingbury, St Leonard1837 to 1998
RugbyBourton on Dunsmore, St Peter1838 to 1995
RugbyBramcote, St Nicholas (Post 2000 see Bramcote Gamecock Barracks Free Church)1969 to 2000
RugbyBrinklow, St John the Baptist1837 to 20052005 to 2014
RugbyBrownsover, Christ Church (Previously St Michael)1839 to 2004
RugbyBurton Hastings, St Botolph1837 to 2000
RugbyChurch Lawford, St Peter1837 to 20032003 to 2016
RugbyChurchover, Holy Trinity1837 to 2005
RugbyClifton on Dunsmore, St Mary1837 to 20042004 to 2012
RugbyCopston Magna, St JohnNone currently available1937 to 2014
RugbyDunchurch, St Peter1837 to 2012
RugbyFlecknoe, St Mark1920 to 1996
RugbyFrankton, St Nicholas1837 to 2003
RugbyGrandborough, St Peter1837 to 19951996 to 2011
RugbyHarborough Magna, All Saints1837 to 19761977 to 2014
RugbyHillmorton, St John the Baptist1837 to 20132014 to 2016
RugbyHillmorton, St George1941 to 1969
RugbyLeamington Hastings, All Saints1837 to 19892002 to 2018
RugbyMarton, St Esprit1838 to 2007
RugbyMonks Kirby, Pailton, St DenysNone currently available
RugbyMonks Kirby, St Editha1837 to 2013
RugbyNew Bilton, St Oswald1868 to 1964
RugbyNewbold on Avon, St Botolph1837 to 1996
RugbyNewbold with Long Lawford, St John1948 to 1976
RugbyRugby, Holy Trinity (CLOSED 1974)1875 to 1974
RugbyRugby, St Andrew1837 to 1991
RugbyRugby, St John (CLOSED 1989)1939 to 1989
RugbyRugby, St Matthew (CLOSED 2010)1868 to 2010
RugbyRugby, St Peter & St John1909 to 1993
RugbyRugby, St Phillip (CLOSED 1999)1915 to 1999
RugbyRyton on Dunsmore, St Leonard1837 to 1994
RugbyShilton, St Andrew1838 to 19941995 to 2015
RugbyStretton on Dunsmore, All Saints1837 to 19881988 to 2017
RugbyWibtoft, Chapel of The Assumption of our LadyNone currently available
RugbyWilley, St Leonard1837 to 1982
RugbyWilloughby, St Nicholas1837 to 19911991 to 2016
RugbyWithybrook, All Saints1838 to 19951995 to 2012
RugbyWolfhampcote, St Peter (CLOSED 1934)1837 to 1934
RugbyWolston, St Margaret1837 to 20082008 to 2018
RugbyWolvey, St John the Baptist1837 to 20002000 to 2012
RugbyBarnacle & Bulkington, Methodist Church (CLOSED 2012)1938 to 20002001 to 2012
RugbyBilton, Evangelical Church1993 to 20121984 to 1990 from GRO only
RugbyBilton, Methodist Church1899 to 1972
RugbyBilton, Sacred Heart RC1966 to 19891989 to 2011
RugbyBramcote, Gamecock Barracks Free Church1979 to 2010
RugbyBroadwell & Leamington Hastings, Methodist ChurchNone currently available
RugbyBrownsover, Kingdom HallNone currently available
RugbyDunchurch, Methodist Church1937 to 1992
RugbyHillmorton, Paddox Methodist Church, Dunsmore Avenue1973 to 1982
RugbyHillmorton, English Martyrs RC1976 to 1989
RugbyHillmorton, Grapevine Christian FellowshipNone currently available (RO before 2003)
RugbyHillmorton, Wesley Place Methodist (CLOSED 1998)1967 to 1998
RugbyLong Lawford, Methodist Church1939 to 1978
RugbyNettle Hill, Ansty The Coventry Church (Pre 2012 see Rugby RO CLOSED 2014)None currently available (RO before 2012)2014
RugbyNettle Hill, Ansty The Round ChurchNone currently available
RugbyNewbold on Avon, Methodist Chapel1913 to 1942
RugbyPrincethorpe, Our Lady of the Angels RC1942 to 2011
RugbyRugby, URC, Albert Street (CLOSED 1975)1927 to 1975
RugbyRugby, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Cambridge Street (CLOSED 1983)1900 to 1983
RugbyRugby, Elim Church (before 2018 see Rugby Register Office)None currently available (RO before 2018)None currently available
RugbyRugby, Evangelical Free Church1977 to 2000
RugbyRugby, Shree Kalyan Mandal, Kimberley RoadNone currently available
RugbyRugby, Methodist Church, Market Place (CLOSED 1981)1899 to 1981
RugbyRugby, Methodist Church Centre1985 to 1988
RugbyRugby, New Testament Church of God, Oliver StreetNone currently available
RugbyRugby, Christadelphian Assembly, Oliver Street (Pre 1993 see Rugby RO)None currently available (RO before 1993)
RugbyRugby, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Oliver StreetNone currently available (RO before 1997)
RugbyRugby, Methodist Church (Pre 1933 Primitive Methodist), Railway Terrace (CLOSED 1966)1915 to 1966
RugbyRugby, New Life Church, Railway TerraceNone currently available (RO before March 2012)2011 to 2015
RugbyRugby, Baptist Chapel, Regent Place1916 to 20062007 to 2015
RugbyRugby, St Marie RC1981 to 1996, 2001 to 20081996 to 2001, 2008 to 2017
RugbyRugby, URC, Hillmorton Road1957 to 19961996 to 2005
RugbyRyton on Dunsmore, Methodist Church (CLOSED 1973)1960 to 1973
StratfordAlcester Register Office/ Approved PremisesNone currently available1838 to 1985
StratfordFeckenham Register Office/ Approved PremisesNone currently available1898 to 1932
StratfordShipston on Stour Register Office/ Approved PremisesNone currently available1837 to 1985
StratfordStratford Register Office/ Approved PremisesNone currently available1838 to present day
StratfordAlcester, St Nicholas1934 to 1950, 1960 to 1967, 1991 to 20061837 to 1934, 1950 to 1959, 1967 to 1991, 2006 to 2014
StratfordAlderminster, St Mary & Holy CrossNone currently available1837 to 1986
StratfordAlveston, St James2004 to 20101837 to 2004

2011 to 2018

StratfordArrow, Holy Trinity1837 to 20002000 to 2013
StratfordAston Cantlow, St John1837 to 19721972 to 2013
StratfordAtherstone on Stour (CLOSED)None currently available1837 to 1972
StratfordBarcheston, St Martin1837 to 19791979 to 2015
StratfordBarton on the Heath, St Lawrence1838 to 1975
StratfordBearley, St Mary the Virgin1839 to 1972, 1984 to 19971972 to 1984
StratfordBeaudesert, St Nicholas1838 to 1933, 1983 to 19941933 to 1983, 1994 to 2013
StratfordBidford on Avon, St Lawrence1895 to 19791837 to 1895, 1979 to 1997
StratfordBillesley (CLOSED)None currently available1843 to 1923
StratfordBinton, St Peter1837 to 19781979 to 2002
StratfordBishopton (CLOSED)1845 to 1966
StratfordBrailes, St George1837 to 1997
StratfordBurmington, St Nicholas1837 to 1977
StratfordButlers Marston, St Peter & St Paul1837 to 19461946 to 1993
StratfordCharlecote, St Leonard1837 to 1978
StratfordCherington, St John the Baptist1838 to 19781980 to 2003
StratfordClaverdon, St Michael1837 to 20042004 to 2015
StratfordClifford Chambers, St HelenNone currently available1838 to 2013
StratfordCombroke, St Mary Margaret1837 to 1968
StratfordCompton Wynates (CLOSED)None currently available1856 to 1935
StratfordCoughton, St Peter1837 to 19521952 to 2018
StratfordDarlingscote, St GeorgeNone currently available
StratfordDorsington, St PeterNone currently available1837 to 2008
StratfordEttington, Holy Trinity1837 to 19981998 to 2014
StratfordExhall (Alcester), St Giles1838 to 19711972 to 2009
StratfordGreat Alne, St Mary Magdelene1839 to 20042004 to 2018
StratfordHalford, St Mary1837 to 2003
StratfordHampton Lucy, St Peter1837 to 19691969 to 1998
StratfordHaselor, St Mary & All Saints1838 to 19781979 to 2012
StratfordHenley in Arden, St John the BaptistNone currently available1864 to 2003
StratfordHonington All SaintsNone currently available
StratfordIdlicote, St JamesNone currently available
StratfordIlmington, St Mary1837 to 1979, 1995 to 20071979 to 1994, 2007 to 2011
StratfordKineton, St Peter1837 to 19711971 to 1990
StratfordKinwarton, St Mary1840 to 2007
StratfordLangley, St Mary the Virgin (Chapel of Ease, for marriages see Norton Lindsey or Wolverton)None availableNone available
StratfordLittle Compton, St DenysNone currently available1837 to 1998
StratfordLong Compton, St Peter & St Paul1837 to 19931993 to 2003
StratfordLoxley, St Nicholas1837 to 1991
StratfordLuddington, All SaintsNone currently available1912 to 2013
StratfordMappleborough Green, Holy Ascension1944 to 2011
StratfordMarston Sicca, St James1838 to 19651965 to 2012
StratfordMoreton Morrell, Holy Cross1838 to 19771978 to 2009
StratfordMorton Bagot, Holy TrinityNone currently available1839 to 1979
StratfordNewbold on Stour, St DavidNone currently available1839 to 1994
StratfordNewbold Pacey, St George1837 to 2001
StratfordOldberrow, St Mary1838 to 1979
StratfordOxhill, St Lawrence1838 to 19961997 to 2014
StratfordPillerton Hersey, St Mary1837 to 1937, 1963 to 19821941 to 1961, 1982 to 2007
StratfordPreston Bagot, All Saints1999 to 20101839 to 1999, 2010 to 2016
StratfordPreston on Stour, St MaryNone currently available1837 to 1995
StratfordQuinton, St Swithan1996 to 20051837 to 1996
StratfordSalford Priors, St MatthewNone currently available1838 to 1992
StratfordShipston on Stour, St EdmundNone currently available1837 to 1994
StratfordShottery, St AndrewNone currently available1891 to 2012
StratfordSnitterfield, St James1984 to 20051837 to 1983, 2006 to 2011
StratfordSpernal, St Leonard (CLOSED)None currently available1840 to 1970
StratfordStratford, Holy TrinityNone currently available1837 to 2017
StratfordStratford, St James the Great (CLOSED)None currently available1942 to 1966
StratfordStretton on the Fosse, St PeterNone currently available1939 to 2012
StratfordStudley, St MaryNone currently available1837 to 2005
StratfordSutton under Brailes, St Thomas BeckettNone currently available1837 to 1992
StratfordTanworth in Arden, St Mary MagdeleneNone currently available1837 to 2008
StratfordTemple Grafton, St AndrewNone currently available1837 to 2001
StratfordTidmington Parish churchNone currently available
StratfordTredington, St Gregory1994 to 20011837 to 1994, 2002 to 2013
StratfordTysoe, The Assumption of St Mary2004 to 20091837 to 2004
StratfordUllenhall, St MaryNone currently available
StratfordWalton, St James1996 to 20051843 to 1996, 2005 to 2017
StratfordWelford on Avon, St Peter2001 to 20101837 to 2001
StratfordWellesbourne, St Peter2000 to 20051837 to 2016
StratfordWeston on Avon, All SaintsNone currently available1837 to 1999
StratfordWhatcote, St PeterNone currently available1837 to 1996
StratfordWeethley, St JamesNone currently available1847 to 1976
StratfordWhichford, St MichaelNone currently available1837 to 1995
StratfordWhitchurch, St MaryNone currently available1838 to 2016
StratfordWilmcote, St AndrewNone currently available1864 to 2000
StratfordWinderton (CLOSED)None currently available1880 to 1973
StratfordWixford, St MilburgaNone currently available1884 to 1994
StratfordWolford, St MichaelNone currently available1837 to 1998
StratfordWolverton, St Mary1991 to 20021838 to 1991
StratfordWootton Wawen, St PeterNone currently available1837 to 2017
StratfordAlcester, Baptist ChapelNone currently available1949 to 1997
StratfordAlcester, Kingdom HallNone currently available
StratfordAlcester, Methodist ChapelNone currently available
StratfordAlcester, Our Lady & St Joseph RCNone currently available1980 to 2012
StratfordBanbury & Evesham Quaker MeetingNone currently available
StratfordBearley, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED)None currently available1939 to 1959
StratfordBidford on Avon, Baptist ChurchNone currently available
StratfordBidford on Avon, Methodist ChurchNone currently available
StratfordBrailes, Methodist Chapel (CLOSED)None currently available1967 to 1998
StratfordCoughton, Sts Peter Paul & Elizabeth RCNone currently available1996 to 2005
StratfordDunnington, Baptist ChapelNone currently available1901 to 2014
StratfordHenley in Arden, Baptist ChapelNone currently available1912 to 1977
StratfordHenley in Arden, Methodist ChurchNone currently available1925 to 2009
StratfordIlmington, St Phillips RC (CLOSED 2013)None currently available1979 to 2006
StratfordKineton, Methodist ChurchNone currently available1926 to 1983
StratfordKineton, St Francis of Assisi RCNone currently available1979 to 1992
StratfordLower Brailes, Sts Peter & Paul RC1980 to 2000
StratfordMappleborough Green, Weslyan Methodist (CLOSED)None currently available1927 to 1968
StratfordNewbold on Stour, Methodist Church (Post 1974 see Stratford Register Office)None currently available1963 to 1974
StratfordRadway, Methodist Church (CLOSED 2013)None currently available1953 to 2012
StratfordShipston on Stour, Methodist ChapelNone currently available1968 to 1997
StratfordShipston on Stour, Our Lady & St Michael RCNone currently available
StratfordSnitterfield, Methodist Church (CLOSED 2017)None currently available1963 to 2016
StratfordStratford, Berrey (CLOSED)None currently available
StratfordStratford, Meeting Room (Post 1984 see Stratford Register Office)None currently available1980 to 1984
StratfordStratford, Payton Street Baptist ChapelNone currently available1912 to 1992
StratfordStratford, Kingdom HallNone currently available1981 to 1993
StratfordStratford, Methodist ChurchNone currently available1924 to 1997
StratfordStratford, Society of Friends (CLOSED)None currently available1838 to 1926
StratfordStratford, St Gregory RCNone currently available1968 to 2017
StratfordUmberslade/Nuthurst, Baptist Church (CLOSED)None currently available1937 to 1938
StratfordStratford, URC (Congregational Church pre 1972)1989 to 20051899 to 1988
StratfordStudley, Baptist ChapelNone currently available1902 to 2003
StratfordStudley, Methodist ChapelNone currently available1903 to 1988
StratfordStudley, St Mary RCNone currently available1979 to 2016
StratfordTysoe, Primitive Methodist (CLOSED)None currently available
StratfordTysoe, Wesleyan Methodist ChurchNone currently available1945 to 1983
StratfordWellesbourne, Methodist ChapelNone currently available1961 to 2011
StratfordWootton Wawen, Our Lady & St Benedicts RCNone currently available1953 to 2015
WarwickSoutham Register Office1895 to 19051837 to 1849, 1905 to 1985
WarwickWarwick Register Office1989 to 19921837 to 1989, 1992 to present day
WarwickAshow, The Assumption of Our Lady1980 to 19951837 to 1979, 1996 to 2012
WarwickAvon Dassett, St John the Baptist (CLOSED)1837 to 1982
WarwickBaddesley Clinton, St Michael1939 to 19951995 to 2009
WarwickBaginton, St John the Baptist1838 to 1993
WarwickBarford, St Peter1837 to 1987
WarwickBascote Heath Chapel (CLOSED)1919 to 1985
WarwickBishops Itchington, St Michael1837 to 19951996 to 2014
WarwickBishops Tachbrook, St Chad1837 to 1970, 1977 to 19891970 to 1976, 1990 to 2013
WarwickBubbenhall, St GilesNone currently available
WarwickBudbrooke, St Michael1838 to 19851986 to 1994
WarwickBurton Dassett, All Saints1837 to 19851985 to 2017
WarwickChadshunt, All Saints (CLOSED)None currently available1837 to 1984
WarwickChesterton, St Giles1837 to 19821983 to 2011
WarwickCubbington, St Mary1838 to 20042004 to 2006
WarwickFarnborough, St Botolph1838 to 1999
WarwickFenny Compton, St Peter1837 to 2005
WarwickGaydon, St GilesNone currently available
WarwickHarbury, All Saints1837 to 20082008 to 2014
WarwickHaseley, St Mary1837 to 19991999 to 2008
WarwickHatton, Holy Trinity1838 to 19981998 to 2008
WarwickHoniley, St John the Baptist1842 to 1999
WarwickHunningham, St Margaret1837 to 19911991 to 2007
WarwickKenilworth, St John the Evangelist1854 to 1963, 1966 to 19861963 to 1966 (available from GRO only ), 1986 to 1999
WarwickKenilworth, St Nicholas1837 to 19901990 to 2012
WarwickLadbroke, All SaintsNone currently available
WarwickLapworth, St Mary the Virgin1837 to 20082008 to 2015
WarwickLeamington Priors, The Good Shepperd (CLOSED)1918 to 1933
WarwickLeamington Priors, All Saints1837 to 1997
WarwickLeamington Priors, Holy Trinity1900 to 19571957 to 1976
WarwickLeamington, St John the Baptist1878 to 1975, 1977 to 19871975 to 1977 Available from GRO only
WarwickLeamington, St Mary1845 to 1975
WarwickLeamington, St Paul1878 to 19971997 to 2010
WarwickLeek Wootton, All Saints1838 to 20042004 to 2015
WarwickLighthorne, St Lawrence1837 to 20062007 to 2015
WarwickLillington, St Mary Magdelene1837 to 1944, 1959 to 19851944 to 1959, 1985 to 1999
WarwickLong Itchington, Holy Trinity1837 to 2005
WarwickLower Shuckburgh, St John the Baptist1839 to 1990
WarwickNapton, St Lawrence1837 to 19971998 to 2017
WarwickNew Milverton, Leamington, St Mark1879 to 19791979 to 2014
WarwickNorton Lindsey, Holy Trinity1837 to 20022003 to 2015
WarwickOffchurch, St Gregory1837 to 20022003 to 2014
WarwickOld Milverton, St James1837 to 20082008 to 2015
WarwickPackwood, St Giles1839 to 19871988 to 2012
WarwickPriors Hardwick, St Mary1837 to 2004
WarwickPriors Marston, St Leonard1837 to 20042005 to 2014
WarwickRadford Semele, St Nicholas1837 to 19951995 to 2016
WarwickRadway, St Peter1981 to 20041837 to 1978
WarwickRatley, St Peter1837 to 19901990 to 2002
WarwickRowington, St Lawrence1837 to 2000
WarwickSherbourne, All Saints1838 to 19951995 to 2014
WarwickShotteswell, St laurence1838 to 1994
WarwickSoutham, St James1837 to 19721972 to 2016
WarwickStockton, St Michael1974 to 20001837 to 1974
WarwickStoneleigh, St Mary1993 to 20001837 to 1992, 2000 to 2009
WarwickUfton, St Michael & All Angels1839 to 19801981 to 2003
WarwickUpper Shuckburgh, St John the Baptist in the Wilderness (Private Chapel to Shuckborough Hall)None currently available
WarwickWappenbury St John the Baptist1837 to 19851986 to 2003
WarwickWarmington, St Michael1837 to 19781979 to 2000
WarwickWarwick, All SaintsNone currently available1861 to 1999
WarwickWarwick, St MaryNone currently available1837 to 2011
WarwickWarwick, St NicholasNone currently available1837 to 2016
WarwickWarwick, St Paul1953 to 20051849 to 1953
WarwickWasperton, St John the BaptistNone currently available1837 to 1980
WarwickWeston under Wetherley, St MichaelNone currently available1837 to 2014
WarwickWhitnash, St Margaret1838 to 1968, 1975 to 19891968 to 1975, 1989 to 1998
WarwickWormleighton, St Peter1837 to 2004
WarwickWroxall, St Leonard (CLOSED, Post 1996 see Wroxhall, Wrens (Chapel) Cathedral, Free Methodist)1989 to 19961838 to 1989
WarwickAvon Dassett, RC (Post 2003 see Warwick Register Office)None currently available2002 to 2003
WarwickBaddesley Green, St Francis RCNone currently available1968 to 2017
WarwickBaginton, Meeting RoomNone currently available
WarwickBlackdown, Gurudwara Babe KeNone currently available
WarwickBlackdown, Meeting RoomNone currently available1984 to 2007
WarwickCubbington, Methodist ChapelNone currently available1965 to 1997
WarwickFenny Compton, Methodist ChapelNone currently available1953 to 1982
WarwickHampton on the Hill, RCNone currently available1928 to 1981
WarwickKenilworth URC, Abbey HillNone currently available1899 to 1999
WarwickKenilworth, Heart of England Revival ChurchNone currently available1983 to 2007
WarwickKenilworth Methodist Church, Priory RoadNone currently available1948 to 2005
WarwickKenilworth, St Augustine RCNone currently available1961 to 2013
WarwickKenilworth, St Francis of Assisi RCNone currently available1971 to 2007
WarwickLeamington, Baptist ChurchNone currently available1943 to 1992
WarwickLeamington, Methodist Church, Dale StreetNone currently available1934 to 1988
WarwickLeamington, Christadelphian Hall (Post 1995 see Warwick Register Office)None currently available1976 to 1995
WarwickLeamington, Evangelical ChurchNone currently available
WarwickLeamington, Gurdwara, QueenswayNone currently available1991 to 2017
WarwickLeamington, Kingdom Hall, Station ApproachNone currently available1975 to 1988
WarwickLeamington, Life Community Church (previously Pentecostal Church)None currently available1959 to 1981
WarwickLeamington, Methodist ChurchNone currently available1922 to 1992
WarwickLeamington, Congregational Chapel, Spencer Street (CLOSED)None currently available1900 to 1990
WarwickLeamington , Primitive Methodist Chapel, Warwick Street (CLOSED)None currently available1932 to 1962
WarwickLeamington, Seventh Day AdventistNone currently available
WarwickLeamington, Spiritualist ChurchNone currently available
WarwickLeamington, St Peter RC, Dormer PlaceNone currently available1930 to 2010, 1994 to 1998 Some entries available from GRO only
WarwickLeamington Priors, St Luke Congregational (CLOSED)1899 to 19221922
WarwickLillington, Our Lady RCNone currently available1966 to 1991
WarwickLillington, Free Church, Cubbington RoadNone currently available1955 to 1981
WarwickSaltisford, Evangelical ChurchNone currently available1984 to 2018
WarwickSoutham, Our Lady & St Wulstan RCNone currently available1980 to 1988
WarwickWappenbury, St Anne RC1973 to 20091942 to 1973
WarwickWarwick, Baptist Church, Castle HillNone currently available1912 to 1983
WarwickWarwick, High Street Chapel (Post 1982 see Warwick Register Office)None currently available1982
WarwickWarwick, Independent Chapel, Brook Street (CLOSED)None currently available1932 to 1980
WarwickWarwick Kingdom HallNone currently available1993 to 2006
WarwickWarwick, St Mary RCNone currently available1916 to 1998
WarwickWarwick, Methodist Chapel, NorthgateNone currently available1912 to 1997
WarwickWarwick, New Life Church, Friar StreetNone currently available
WarwickWhitnash, St Joseph RCNone currently available1982 to 1994
WarwickWhitnash, Methodist Church, Murcott RoadNone currently available1968 to 1988
WarwickWroxhall, Wrens (Chapel) Cathedral, Free Methodist (Previously Wroxhall, St Leonard C of E)2009 to 20112002 to 2009, 2011 to 2014