Get involved with the tour

Come and watch the race Support the riders with your tour flags – if you would like flags to wave at the race these are available upon request (subject to availability) by emailing [email protected] If schools would like to bring children to watch the race here are the contacts for each area. Please give them a call and they will be able to supply you with additional local information.

Area Name Contact
Warwick and Kenilworth Marcus Ferguson [email protected] 01926 456222 Twitter @TownDevt
North Warwickshire Evan Ross [email protected]
01827 719270
Rugby Borough   01788 533533
Stratford Upon Avon District Olly Scholefield 01789 267575
Burton Dassett Hills Country Park Aaron Corsi 01926 412963 [email protected] Twitter @WarksTN

Find out when the Tour is near you

Support one of the teams

Keep a Leader board to follow the teams, keep track of each stage jersey winner. You will be able to download the pack shortly here to print yourself. This will include a printable map with markers for each Team and a chart to track the winners for each stage. Children can cut them out and stick them on the map at each stage to see who is winning each section.

Create some art

Decorate a bike in the OVO Women’s Tour colours of green, pink and blue and display it outside your school, particularly for schools directly on the route. Or you could make a big piece of art or bicycle picture using recycling materials.