The deadline for primary school application proof of address is:

1 February 2019

The deadline for secondary school application proof of address is:

31 December 2018

If you are moving home during your application, you need to provide proof of the new address:

  • a letter from a solicitor to confirm the exchange of contracts
  • a rental agreement for at least six months, signed by tenant and landlord

If you are returning to a property you already own, you need to provide evidence of:

  • the date that you will resume living there
  • that you will remain living there
  • that you have given the current tenants notice if you rent out your property

If you will be living with a family member, we will need to see your child benefit book, showing proof of address.

Grammar schools

If you move after registering for the 11 + and before 30 December you must provide proof of your address. You need two of the following:

  • utility bill no older than two months (original or printed from pdf)
  • current council tax bill
  • housing benefits letter

If you move after 30 December 2017, proof of address will be used to adjust your position on the waiting list.