Information for parents, carers, family and friends

Every family faces challenges from time to time, this is normal. It is entirely up to you whether you have a family group conference (FGC) or not, it is a voluntary process. Your social worker or another professional worker supporting you, will ask you for your consent to make a request for an FGC. It will help you decide how to deal with challenges in a way that makes sense to you and your family, keeping your children safe and well. If you feel you would like an FGC, please speak to your social worker or another professional worker.

Click on the link below to view a film where a young mother recounts her experiences of pre-birth child protection, drug use and being part of a family group conference for her child. She explains how important the relationships she built with professionals were for her and her family.

A trained, independent coordinator will meet with you and support you to identify who you would like to attend your FGC. This could be family, friends, neighbours, community workers or anyone who is important to you and your children and could contribute to your family plan.