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Help for parents

We have put together a factsheet for parents living in Warwickshire. It gives an overview of the support available to you if you are thinking about separating, or are already separated, and would like more information about co-parenting/contact arrangements. Read the factsheet on the following link:


Mediation is when an impartial person, trained in dealing with difficult discussions between two opposing sides, acts like a referee in a dispute. There can be a fee for mediation but it is cheaper than hiring a solicitor and taking legal aid.

Find a local mediation service

What is a contact centre?

Contact centres allow parents to meet up with their children in a supervised area without having to make contact with the other parent.

Find a local contact centre

Free legal advice

The following organisations offer free legal advice:

Are you entitled to any extra help?

There are many routes to get access to extra help. Please take a look at the information on the following links:

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