Community safety partnerships in Warwickshire

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act established partnerships between statutory bodies, the voluntary sector, local residents and businesses.

Known as Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs), these groups are working to reduce crime and disorder across Warwickshire by:

  • Establishing the levels of crime and disorder problems in their areas;
  • Consulting widely with local residents to make sure that the partnerships’ perceptions match that of local people, and;
  • Devising strategies containing measures to tackle priority problems.

Currently, there are currently four CSPs in Warwickshire, based at District and Borough level. Each partnership has a designated Warwickshire County Council representative within their membership, looking at local issues and supporting elected members.

More information on the current structure of the four CSPs

South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership (covering Stratford and Warwick areas)

Rugby Community Safety Partnership

North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership

Nuneaton and Bedworth Safer Communities Partnership

Community safety partnerships in Warwickshire was last updated on February 7, 2013.