After the assessment

The wellbeing conversation framework will guide the conversation between you and the practitioner. This will help to identify the areas of need that the team can support you with.  At the end of the conversation, a plan will be agreed between you and the practitioner on what support has been discussed and what needs to happen to implement the identified support. You will also receive a copy of the plan following the wellbeing conversation.

If only signposting is required, there will not be a requirement for a record on our care system. If a one-off payment is agreed or if a full social care assessment is required (Section 17 - Childrens Act 1989), there will be a record created and a copy of the completed wellbeing conversation will be held on the social care system.

Signposting information supplied at the time of the conversation

If there is a referral system for a particular agency or organisation, you will be informed at the time of the conversation.

If a one off payment is agreed for a particular item, service or activity, this will need to be agreed and approved by one of our senior managers before the payment process can begin. The decision for this will be made within 36 hours. Payments are expected to be received within 28 days of the decision.

If you already receive payments, the same account can be used for one off payments. If they are to be sent to a different account delays may occur whilst the new account details are set up.

If a social care assessment is required, this will be conducted within 45 working days. The professional completing the wellbeing conversation can tell you more about this.