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The Warwickshire Care Champions scheme is a new way for Warwickshire volunteers to help providers find out what they need to do to make services better.

We support volunteers to visit care services and talk to customers, family, and staff members to get a sense of what the service is like. They give feedback to the manager of the service about what is good and what could be better.

Who are the Care Champions?

Care Champions are volunteers who know what it’s like to use care services. They might be someone who uses services at the moment, someone who has used services in the past, or a carer/someone who supports someone else to use a service.

What support do Care Champions get?

We support the volunteers to plan when they do their Care Champion visits; people usually do two visits every six months, but can do more if they want to. Volunteers are also supported to plan how to get to the service they are visiting; it will usually be within ten miles of where you live and travel costs are reimbursed.

We provide a free online training course and face to face support for all the Care Champion volunteers.

What our volunteers say

“Volunteering is important because it’s giving something back to the community. I want to be a Care Champion because I want to help make care services really good for when my son gets older and needs them. I believe that good care is about respect and dignity and that’s what I will look for when I visit services as a Care Champion.”- Shanta

“I’m a volunteer because it gives me something worthwhile to do and stops me getting fed up. I signed up to be a Care Champion because I think care needs to really good and I want to help make that happen.”- Stephen

How to get involved

If you are someone with experience of using care services or are a carer, then you know what good care looks like. Volunteering for the Warwickshire Care Champions scheme is a great way to help improve services whilst you gain new skills and meet new people.

For an initial chat and more information, please contact

You can also fill in the application form and return it to by email or post it to:
Care Champions
Quality Support Officer
Strategic Commissioning
People Group
Warwickshire County Council
Saltisford Building 2
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