The UK has now left the EU. There are new rules now in effect and there are things that everyone needs to be aware of. 


As a business, you will now need to make customs declarations to move goods into and out of the EU. You should:

Businesses hiring from the EU

Free movement has now ended and the UK is introducing a new points-based immigration system. 

The way businesses hire from the EU has changed. If you want to hire anyone from outside the UK you must be a Home Office licenced sponsor. This includes recruiting people from the EU. 

Anyone coming to the UK to work will need a job offer from a licenced sponsor in advance and will need to meet certain skills and salary criteria. 

Businesses that transfer data between the UK and the EU

There are now new rules around personal data. Anyone receiving personal data from the EU for business use may need to take action on data protection.

Businesses that deliver services between the UK and the EU

Businesses must ensure that their staff are able to continue to practise and provide services to clients in the UK after 31 December 2020 by ensuring their professional qualification(s) are recognised by their professional body in the UK.

The following sites may be of use to Warwickshire businesses:

More advice for businesses - Trading Standards.

Travelling to the EU

There are now new rules that govern to travel to the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Living and working in the EU

Living and working in an EU country depends on the rules in that country.

You may need to register or apply for residency. You should check that you’re covered for healthcare.

You may also need to exchange your UK driving licence for a licence issued by the EU country where you live.

Community groups

The community leaders toolkit equips community groups with the right tools and information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

What happens next now the United Kingdom (UK) has left the EU?

New rules apply to doing business with Europe. Use the Brexit checker to get a personalised list of actions for your business.

Specific advice for your business

You may wish to consider joining a recognised body or organisation if you're looking for specific sector advice. Alternatively, the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce has created a hub of information, resources and events to ensure your business is equipped.

Brexit Business Support Helpline 

A Brexit helpline has been set up for businesses to assist them to identify the actions they need to take.

English businesses should phone: 0800 998 1098.