What is it and who takes part 

What are the cycling road races? 

The cycling road races are an elite event that is part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games sports programme. Cyclists (men and women) representing the different nations and territories from across the Commonwealth will take part in the event.  

When is it being held? 

The road races is a one day event which will be taking place on Sunday 7 August 2022. 

Who takes part in the cycling road races?  

Approximately 160 riders will take part in the road race events. These are elite cyclists who will be representing the different Commonwealth nations and territories. 

There will be a men’s road race and a women’s road race. Both will be held on the same course but with a different number of laps to complete. The women will complete seven laps, whilst the men will complete ten laps. 

How far is the cycling road race? 

The road race course is 16km long. This means that the men cycle 160km and the women cycle 112km. You can view the course on the cycling road race page

How long will the road race last? Do the men and women cycle at the same time? 

The two races take place one after another. The first road race is expected to start at approximately 8am and the second road race will finish at approximately 5pm. 

However, to keep everyone safe, temporary traffic management measures, road closures and parking restrictions will be in place for longer. Full details about these measures and the timings for them will be available in spring 2022.  

Can members of the public take part in the road races? 

No. The road races are not a public event. It is an elite cycling road race which is just for those men and women representing the nations and territories competing at the Commonwealth Games. 

Where it is taking place - the course

Where will the road races start and finish? 

It was announced in September 2020 that the cycling road races will start and finish at St Nicholas Park in Warwick. 

What is the course for the road races? 

The road race is a 16 km circuit and the cyclists will complete a number of laps of this course. The course was published in October 2021 and can be found on the cycling road race page. Starting on the Myton Road, outside of St Nicolas Park, the course includes the following roads: 

  • A425 (Banbury Road) 
  • A425 (Castle Hill) 
  • A429 (Jury Street) 
  • A429 (High Street) 
  • A429 (West Street) 
  • A429 (Stratford Road) 
  • Shakespeare Avenue 
  • A4189 (Hampton Road) 
  • Hampton Road 
  • Old Budbrooke Road 
  • Church Lane 
  • Ugly Bridge Road 
  • A4177 (Birmingham Road) 
  • A425 (Birmingham Road) 
  • A425 (Saltisford) 
  • Northgate 
  • Priory Road 
  • A445 (St Johns) 
  • A445 (Coten End) 
  • A445 (Emscote Road) 
  • B4099 (Warwick New Road) 
  • Princess Drive 
  • A425 (Myton Road) 

Is this the same course that has been used for other road cycling events in Warwickshire? 

No. Whilst there have been several elite and mass participation events across Warwickshire, the course for these international cycling road races will be different to other events that have been staged in the Warwickshire area previously. The course has been specially created to meet the specific criteria required by the international cycling federation (the UCI).  

How has this course been created? 

The course and associated traffic management measures are being planned through a partnership of Birmingham 2022, Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council, Emergency Services, and other key agencies and organisations. The course has been designed so that it meets the criteria required by the sport and so that it showcases the county of Warwickshire. 

Local authorities in Warwickshire (WCC and WDC), who know the roads and the area well, and have provided detailed information to inform the planning process. The course has gone through the formal Safety Advisory Group (SAG) process before receiving full approval from all partners and stakeholders. 

Watching the road races

Is it possible to watch the road races? 

Yes, there will be parts of the course where spectators will be able to line the route and support the cyclists. More details about the best locations to watch the road race will be revealed in 2022. 

Do I need a ticket to watch the road races? 

There will be parts of the course where it will be completely free for spectators and you won’t need a ticket for these areas, however you will require a ticket if you want to watch from or near the official start and finish area of the road races.

How do I buy a ticket for the road races? 

Tickets for the road races were available in the two ticket ballots which were held in July and September 2021. If there are still tickets available after the September ballot, they will go on general sale later in 2021 – keep an eye on birmingham2022.com and social media accounts for more details. 

Temporary impacts on businesses and residents

Will there be road closures for this one day event? 

Yes, in order to keep everyone safe, the roads included on the course will be closed on the day of the event. Surrounding and adjacent roads will also be affected by the cycling road races, as traffic management measures will be introduced. 

Road closures will be kept to a minimum and the roads will be re-opened as soon as it is safe to do so. Diversions and other temporary traffic management measures will be put in place to provide road users with alternative routes. 

This information will be shared in 2022 so that everyone can plan ahead for this one day event. 

What are the impacts on local businesses and residents? 

During the road closure period, residents and businesses will not have access to the closed roads until the closures have been removed. Support will be available right up to event day to help businesses and residents who get in touch with any access challenges or concerns and help them plan for the event day. This includes exploring any possible alternative routes (if applicable). Plans will be put in place to support critical and emergency access requirements. 

How will local residents and businesses find out about the road closures? 

Local authorities will be speaking to directly impacted residents and businesses over the next few months. Letters and leaflets will also be distributed, where appropriate.  There will also be community drop-in sessions taking place from February to June 2022 were residents and business owners can come and have their questions answered in person. More detail on when and where these sessions will take place will be shared by partners soon. 

What if there is an emergency in the area on the day of the cycling road races? 

All the emergency services are involved as part of the planning for the event and will be attending operational and safety meetings in the lead up to the event.  

Access for emergency services will be unaffected throughout the road closures and will always be prioritised during the event. Plans will be put in place so that access to any part of the course or the surrounding area can be facilitated for the Emergency Services if required. 

If you live along the route and need urgent help from the emergency services, please call 999.  

Please note the event has its own medical provider, to cover the needs of everyone who is involved in the road races. 

How the local area will benefit?

How will Warwickshire benefit from hosting the cycling road races? 

Hosting the cycling road races for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is a superb opportunity to showcase the beautiful county of Warwickshire to a global audience. 

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is expected to attract a global viewing audience of more than 1.5 billion and images from the road races will be shown across the country, the Commonwealth and the world. 

Thousands of people are also expected to line the cycling road races course and this will bring an economic boost to the local area, with the local hospitality industry expected to benefit in particular. 

Why did the organisers of Birmingham 2022 select this location for the cycling road races? 

This is a fantastic location for this event as, not only is it an extremely picturesque part of the country, but St Nicholas Park, the start/finish location for the event, is a beautiful park that will provide the space needed to stage an event of this scale. 

More information

How can I find out more about the cycling road races? 

All the information that is currently available about the cycling road races has been added to birmingham2022.com. More information will be added over the next few months. If you have an urgent question that you need an answer to, please use the ‘help’ function on the website and the Birmingham 2022 will try and assist. 

My business is on or near the course for the road races? How do I get more information? 

The local authorities have started engaging with those business owners whose premises are located on or near the course and have started to share as much information as is currently available. These conversations will continue over the next few months and more detailed information will be available in Spring 2022. If you have any urgent queries, please go to birmingham2022.com and use the ‘help’ button. 

Temporary impacts on local businesses and residents

Will roads need to be closed for these events? 

Yes. In order to keep the cyclists, the support teams, the volunteers and the spectators safe, there will need to be temporary road closures in the area on Sunday 7 August 2022 which will have an impact on access into and around Warwick throughout the day. 

Unlike other road cycling events that have come through Warwick previously, which have operated a ‘rolling road closure’, the Road Races will require full road closures throughout Sunday 7th August. These will be kept to a minimum and the roads will be re-opened as soon as it is safe to do so. Diversions and other temporary traffic management measures will be put in place to provide road users with alternative routes. 

Details of all the impacted roads, the temporary traffic management plan and road closure information for the event will be published closer to the Games and the relevant information will be shared with residents and business owners to help them plan ahead.  

The organisers of the event and the local authorities have already started speaking to some of those people who live or work on or near the course. More people will be contacted in the coming weeks and these conversations will continue for the next few months. 

Why are road closures required? 

To deliver the event safely, it is necessary to implement road closures across the full course and in the immediate area of the event. This will ensure the safety of the athletes, officials, volunteers, residents, and businesses. 

The course and associated road closures are being planned in partnership with local authorities, emergency services and transport agencies, to minimise the impact of these closures. Full details of all road closures and their timings will be published in 2022, once they have been finalised.  

Will road closures have an impact on other roads in the local area? 

It is likely that the road closures on Sunday 7 August will have an impact on the wider road network, with increased levels of traffic possible on some of the roads surrounding the Road Race course. Road users are advised to allow plenty of time for travel and avoid areas near the Road Race course if possible. 

When will I know whether my road will be closed during the cycling road races? 

The course for the cycling road race has now been published so you can take a look at this on the cycling road race page. 

Temporary road closures and traffic measures will be put in place on surrounding roads too and we hope to share more details about these measures and the roads that will be impacted in spring 2022. 

If there are road closures, how can people travel in the local area? 

Whilst the races are taking place on 7 August 2022, access will be restricted across the road race course. 

This means that the course will be closed to vehicles but there will still be pedestrian access via existing defined footpaths and pavements. 

People are advised to plan their journeys ahead of this one-day event taking place.  

Further information relating to access or alternative parking arrangements will be provided closer to the event in 2022. Route maps and further details will be available on our website in due course.  

If you require further information at this stage, or have any other queries, please use the help button on the Birmingham 2022 website – birmingham2022.com  

Will public transport be impacted by the temporary traffic measures that will be put in place? 

Yes, there is likely to be some impact on public transport because of this one day event. 

Birmingham 2022 is working closely with Transport for West Midlands and transport providers and any services that will be affected on Sunday 7 August will be communicated in 2022. 

Can I still walk around the area on the day of the event and cross over the course on foot? 

Yes, generally footpaths and pavements will not be affected, and pedestrians will be able to continue to use these and existing crossing points on the day of the event.  

For the safety of the public, some areas along the course will have access restrictions, but these will be communicated ahead of the event. Please take extra care when navigating any crossing locations and ask for advice and assistance from the event stewards.   

I live in the area, can I park my vehicle on the course? 

​​​​​​Parking will need to be restricted along the Road Race course and for the safety of everyone involved in the event, it won’t be possible to park your vehicle on the roads being used for the event.  

If you live along the course, or your residence is inside the course boundary, you will receive information about the road closures and you will be advised to park on streets where access to your vehicle can be maintained.  

On-call doctors, community welfare and carers 

Organisers appreciate the importance of the delivery of care and we will work closely with care providers and individuals to make sure that care visits are co-ordinated with the road closures in mind. Care providers should plan their journeys ahead taking into account road closure times once available and the potential for increased traffic on some roads. Any carers who have any concerns, access issues or need assistance planning travel should go to birmingham2022.com and click on the ‘help’ button. 

General questions

Warwickshire has held other road cycling events so how is this different to those events? 

Other road cycling events, such as stages of the Tour of Britain, have been held in Warwickshire before, however this is the official road race for the Commonwealth Games. It will be a truly international race and will attract cyclists from many of the 72 nations and territories that are sending teams to the Commonwealth Games. 

Who is paying for this event?  

The cycling road race is part of the sports programme for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

A £778 million investment has been made to stage the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 75% of this money is Government funding and 25% is coming from Birmingham City Council and its funding partners. 

Other partners will be supporting the event through preparing the local area and helping to communicate the temporary impacts to businesses and the community. 

More information

Will volunteers be needed? How can I get involved in the event? 

Birmingham 2022 has been recruiting volunteers to support the Games over the last few months. They launched the search for volunteers back in June and applications closed in August. Many of the people who applied have been attending interviews at the Volunteer Selection Centre and these interviews will be continuing until the end of 2021. 

Will local schools be able to get involved in the event? 

An official learning programme for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is due to be launched in 2021. Please visit Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games website for more details.

Will this cycling road race happen every year? 

No. This event is part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games so it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see cyclists from across the Commonwealth cycling on the roads of Warwickshire.