Schools you can apply for

Warwickshire residents can list up to six different junior schools as preferences in the application.

Priority areas (similar to catchment areas)

  • A good place to start is by checking the priority area school for your address.
  • Please note that some schools do not have a priority area.
  • Your priority area may change if your child’s address changes at any point during the admissions process.

Open days and evenings

  • Please check with the schools if they are holding open days or evenings. If not, we’d encourage you to visit their websites to find out as much as possible about each of them.

Admissions guidance

  • Check the 2023 entry admission arrangements of the schools you are interested in. These will include detail on their individual admissions criteria.
  • Faith schools and some academies will ask you to send them supplementary information. They usually have their own forms for this, which you can upload as part of the application process. Please remember that you must still submit an online application in order to be considered for a place at that school.

School transport

When choosing your school preferences, please do think about the transport options available and how your child might travel to and from school each day.

School performance information