Art courses

Course Location Venue Day Time Start Date Wks Course Fee A Course Fee B Course Fee C
Art: Acrylics Term 1 Leamington Pound Lane Learning Centre Mon 13.00 - 15.00 Monday, September 23 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00
Art: Drawing and Painting Term 1 Leamington Pound Lane Learning Centre Tues 10.00 - 12.00 Tuesday, September 24 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00
Art: Drawing and Painting Term 1 Leamington Pound Lane Learning Centre Wed 15.30 - 17:30 Wednesday, September 25 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00
Art: Drawing and Painting Term 4 Leamington Pound Lane Learning Centre Fri 13.00 - 15.00 Friday, September 27 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00
Art: Drawing & Painting Atherstone Ratcliffe Centre Thur 10.00 - 12.00 Thursday, September 26 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00
Art: Mixed media using found objects Atherstone Ratcliffe Centre Thur 13.00 - 15.00 Thursday, September 26 10 £95.00 £50.00 £5.00

Drawing and Painting:

This course will teach you the techniques to create your own masterpiece! Discover how to apply colour washes, explore the colour wheel and learn how to increase the depth of colour in your painting.

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Introduction to Drawing and Painting:

You will develop skills in sketching, shading, observation and composition of objects. Following this, you will use techniques and approaches to apply colour to your work. Suitable for beginners and those with a little experience.

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Drawing and Painting Term 1:

Experience the enjoyment of drawing and painting using a variety of materials and techniques. Learn about composition & drawing observational skills, mark making, perspective, measuring still life objects, colour theory and how to mix colours.

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Mixed media using found objects:

This is your chance to have fun, be innovative and really let your creative side go! Experiment with different paints, inks, fabrics and much more to create texture and interest in your work.

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