Young carers

A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who helps to look after someone who has a physical or learning disability, a serious illness, mental ill health, a dependency on alcohol or drugs, or someone with HIV/Aids.

The person cared for may be: a parent; grandparent; brother; sister; other relative; or a close friend.

Young Carers’ Project

Young Carers’ Project – support for children and young people in their caring role. This includes providing:

  • information
  • practical advice
  • emotional support.

You can contact the Young Carers’ Project yourself or you can be referred by your parents, a teacher, a social worker or other health professionals.

The Young Carers’ Project has friendly staff who will meet with you to find out what’s best for you for and your situation. There are regular activity sessions and a chance to talk about any issues, or just to have a break and some fun.

Young Carer Aware

If you want to improve your knowledge and awareness about informal young carers then this on-line resource is for you.

Young Carer Aware (Flash required Рmay not work on mobile / tablet devices) Рa free e-learning tool which covers:

  • Who are young carers
  • Recognising the work that young carers do, and the scale of the contribution they make to the economy
  • Young carers rights
  • Meeting the needs of young carers
  • What support is available in Warwickshire; and
  • Where to find further information, both locally and nationally.

You can test your knowledge at the end of the course and print off a certificate.