Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB) – resources

 Inter-agency safeguarding procedures 


WSCB procedures index (DOCX, 49.87 KB)
Introduction (DOCX, 62.43 KB)

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Mission Statement – Inter-agency Procedures
1.3 Principles
1.4 Membership and Roles

Section 2 Safeguarding and Promoting The Welfare of Children (DOCX, 52.97 KB)

2.1 Being Alert to Children’s Welfare
2.2 Assessing Children in Need
2.3 Background Factors Influencing Vulnerability of Children
2.4 Significant Harm
2.5 Definitions of Abuse
2.6 Impact of Abuse and Neglect

  • Information sharing in child protection (DOCX, 47.37 KB)
  • Multi Agency Referral Form V2 (DOCX, 2.13 MB)
  • Thresholds for Services (PDF, 822.94 KB)
  • Single Assessment Strategy (PDF, 361.91 KB)
  • Section 3 Making a Child Protection Referral (DOCX, 64.33 KB)

    3.1 In what Circumstances to Refer.
    3.2 Procedures to Follow when Making a Referral.
    3.3 Flowchart

    Section 4 Section 47 Child Protection Enquiries (DOCX, 166.79 KB)

    4.1 Response to Referral
    4.2 Action To Be Taken
    4.3 Immediate Protection
    4.4 Multi-Agency Working
    4.5 Assessment of Child Under The Children Act 1989
    4.6 Strategy Discussion
    4.7 Initiating Section 47 Enquiries
    4.8 Outcome of Section 47 Enquiries
    4.9 Initial Child Protection Conference
    4.10 The Child Protection Plan
    4.11 Child Protection Review Conference
    4.12 Discontinuing a Child Protection Plan

    Section 5 Section 47 Enquiries In Specific Circumstances (DOCX, 132.27 KB)

    5.1 Child Abuse in Adoptive Families in Warwickshire
    5.2 Abuse by Persons Outside of the Immediate Family
    5.3 Young People Who Display Abusive Behaviour
    5.4 Electronic Media and Child Abuse
    5.5 Management of Children / Young People Who Are Sexually Exploited
    5.6 Children in Whom Illness is Fabricated or Induced
    5.7 Children Missing from Care and Home
    5.8 Management of Young People Facing Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence
    5.9 Safeguarding Trafficked Children
    5.10 Protocol for responding to bruises or injury to non-mobile babies (PDF, 224.32 KB)
    5.11 Protocol for health assessment as part of enquiries into neglect (PDF, 147.53 KB)

    Managing Allegations against people who work with children (pdf, 277 Kb)

    6.1 Managing Concerns In Relation To Adults
    6.2 Investigating Complex (Organised or Multiple Abuse
    6.3 Warwickshire MASH – Position of Trust Referral (DOCX, 1.53 MB)

     Section 7 Child Protection Conferences (DOCX, 74.72 KB)

    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Definitions and Purposes
    7.3 Criteria for Initial Conference
    7.4 Pre-Birth Child Protection Conferences/Risk to Unborn Children
    7.5 Timing
    7.6 Attendance
    7.7 The Local Authority Solicitor
    7.8 Involving Parents
    7.9 Young People’s Participation
    7.10 Participation of other people
    7.11 Preparation
    7.12 Exclusion Criteria
    7.13 Convening
    7.14 Quoracy
    7.15 Chairing and Minuting
    7.16 Responsibility of Conference Participants
    7.17 Conference Process
    7.18 Decision Making
    7.19 Outcomes of Conference
    7.20 Minutes
    7.21 Role of the Chairperson
    7.22 Role of Lead Social Worker
    7.23 Role of the Core Group
    7.24 The Child Protection Plan
    7.25 Review Conferences
    7.26 Discontinuing a Child Protection Plan
    7.27 Looked After Children who are Subject to a Child Protection Plan

    Section 8 Management Of And Sharing Of Information On Children Subject To Child Protection Plans (DOCX, 52.13 KB)

    8.1 Introduction
    8.2 The Record
    8.3 Managing and Providing Information about a Child who may be Subject to a Child Protection Plan
    8.4 Managing the Record of Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan
    8.5 Child Protection Plan
    8.6 Recording Categories
    8.7 Children Moving Between Authorities who are Subject to Child Protection Plans
    8.8 Children Subject to a Child Protection Plan who go Missing
    8.9 Sharing of Information with Other Local Authorities

    Section 9 Complaints About a Child Protection Conference (DOCX, 46.09 KB)

    9.1 Who Can Complain
    9.2 Grounds for Complaint
    9.3 Procedure
    9.4 Stage 1
    9.5 Stage 2
    9.6 Complaints about Services Provided by Individual Agencies

    Section 10 Warwickshire SUDC Protocol (DOCX, 3.74 MB)

    1. SUDC Pathway Flow Chart
    SUDC Flow Chart
    Road Traffic Collision Flow Chart
    2. Inter-Agency Working – Overview of the Process
    3. Roles and Responsibilities of Health Professionals, incorporating:
    3.1 Ambulance Clinicians
    3.2 Hospital Health Professionals
    3.3 Paediatricians
    3.4 Skeletal Surveys/Xrays
    3.5 General Practitioner
    3.6 Primary Care Health Staff
    4. Role of the Police
    5. Local Authority Children’s Social Care
    6. Role of the Coroner
    Appendix 1 – Family Support (Foundation for the Study of Infants Deaths)
    Appendix 2 – Laboratory Investigations
    Appendix 3 – Guidance in relation to toxicology screen
    Appendix 4 – History Proforma (containing physical examination, scene examination)
    Appendix 5 – Form A – Notification of Child Death
    Appendix 6 – Form B4 – SUDI Form
    Appendix 7 – DFE Audit tool for rapid response
    Appendix 8 – Summary of post-mortem findings – Form B11
    Appendix 9 – Analysis Proforma Form C
    Appendix 10 – Information for Parents regarding sample/tissue retention
    Appendix 11 – Parents wishes regarding sample/tissue retention
    Appendix 12 – Freedom of information Act and Data Protection
    Appendix 13 – Advance Care Plan for a Child of Young Person (Palliative Care)

    Section 11 Serious Case Reviews In Accordance With Chapter 4 Of New Working Together March 2013 (DOCX, 57.07 KB)

    11.1 Serious Case Review Protocol
    11.2 Local Case Reviews
    11.3 Methodology for Learning and Improvement
    11.4 Referral form for consideration by WSCB of a case for review (DOCX, 1.02 MB)

    Section 12 Table of Appendices

    Appendix 1 WSCB Local Assessment Protocol (PDF, 196.8 KB) Appendix 2 Children and young people’s participation in the child protection process (DOCX, 44.86 KB) Appendix 3 The legal framework (DOCX, 52.74 KB) Appendix 4 West Midlands persons posing a risk to children protocol (PDF, 335.34 KB) Appendix 5 Offences which can be used to identify those who present a risk or potential risk to children (DOCX, 48.89 KB) Appendix 6 Preventative orders pertinent to child protection (DOCX, 41.26 KB) Appendix 7 Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Procedure (DOCX, 547.64 KB) Revised CSE Procedures June 2016 (PDF, 665.12 KB) Appendix 8 Working with sexually active young people under the age of 18 (DOCX, 44.72 KB) WSCB Comms Strategy – Appendix 11 (PDF, 222.51 KB) Appendix 16 West Midlands regional protocol for protecting children who move across Local Authority borders (under review)  (DOCX, 49.22 KB) Appendix 18 Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board processes for case escalation  (DOCX, 1.04 MB) Appendix 19 Protocol for dealing with cross-border allegations  (DOC, 79.5 KB) Appendix 20 Private fostering (DOCX, 43.03 KB) Appendix 21 Warwickshire Runaway and Missing from Home and Care Protocol (PDF, 1.6 MB) Appendix 22 Guidance on the use of force (1).docx (DOCX, 75.15 KB) Appendix 23 Guidance on the use of quiet rooms (1).docx (DOCX, 55.53 KB) Appendix 24 Guidance on the use of low arousal rooms.docx (DOCX, 47.07 KB) Appendix 25 Agenda and guidance for initial core group meeting (DOCX, 1.01 MB) Appendix 26 Policy on safer recruitment (PDF, 406.05 KB) Appendix 27 Images of children guidance for children and young people in Warwickshire (PDF, 557.53 KB)

    Education safeguarding

    Record keeping

    Safeguarding Checklist (DOC, 1.26 MB) Guidance notes for compiling chronologies (PDF, 35.42 KB) Key Events / Chronology Form A (DOC, 158.5 KB) INFORMATION/FRONT SHEET Form B(DOC, 178.5 KB) Key Points for Child Protection Record Keeping (DOC, 62 KB) Logging a concern about a child’s safety and welfare – (Form C Green Form) (DOC, 256.5 KB) Green Form with guidance for completion Aug 2017 (DOC, 263.5 KB) Yellow Form – Logging a concern about behaviour of member of staff Aug 2017 (DOC, 255 KB) Schools and education child protection initial conference report 2014 (DOC, 508 KB) Schools and Education Child Protection Review Conference report (blank) (DOC, 1.54 MB)

    Schools Toolkit records management


    Everyone’s responsibility poster 2017 (PDF, 335.54 KB) Child_abuse_happens_poster_2017 (PDF, 246.21 KB) This_school_poster_2017 (PDF, 2.81 MB) This_organisation_poster_2017 (PDF, 2.83 MB) Worried about Child (PDF, 299.32 KB) Worried about Young Person (PDF, 287.27 KB) Listening Culture Poster for Schools 2017 (PDF, 292.92 KB) Listening Culture Poster for Early Years 2017 (PDF, 302.25 KB)

    Policies and procedures for schools

    Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2016
    Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years

    Child protection and safeguarding policy (DOC, 332 KB) Child protection and safeguarding policy – executive summary of key principles for staff and parents (DOCX, 46.86 KB) Staff Behaviour Policy (Code of Conduct) 2017-18 (DOC, 394 KB) Safeguarding wheel (PPTX, 118.32 KB) Disqualification Declaration Form (PDF, 303.42 KB) Disqualification slides (PDF, 29.14 KB)

    The childcare (disqualification) regulations 2009

    Schedule 1 orders etc relating to the care of children

    Schedule 2 repealed statutory offences

    Schedule 3 specified offences

    Apply to waiver disqualification Early Years and childcare provider

    Children Missing Education Sept 2016

    Child protection audit (DOC, 133.5 KB)

    Safeguarding checklist (doc, 37Kb)

    Warwickshire MASH Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF)- Concerns about a Child (DOCX, 2.13 MB)

    Contact the team for a copy of ‘A guide for Professionals who Infrequently attend Child Protection Case Conferences’

    Education establishment recording of parental responsibility (DOCX, 69.06 KB)

    A guide for Core Group Members leaflet (PDF, 38.21 KB)

    Guidance for safer working practice Oct 2015 (PDF, 551.4 KB) Use of Images of Children Guidance Dec 2014 (PDF, 557.52 KB) Appendix A – Schools parental consent form (PDF, 34.49 KB) Appendix B – Parental Consent Form – Early Years Foundation Stage (PDF, 34.43 KB) Appendix C (PDF, 34.39 KB) Appendix D Consent Form for Adults depicted in photographs (PDF, 28.09 KB) Appendix E(i) Permission for parents/carers to record still images of children at school events (PDF, 31.08 KB) Appendix E(ii) Permission for parents/carers to record still images of children (PDF, 31.16 KB)

    Faith groups and safeguarding

    Enhanced risk analysis frequently asked questions (PDF, 149.94 KB) Tool for assessing environmental hazards (PDF, 48.8 KB) Guidance on the use of force and physical intervention (DOCX, 75.15 KB) Guidance on the use of quiet rooms in Warwickshire schools (Please refer to separate guidance on the use of Low Arousal Areas) (DOCX, 55.53 KB) Appendix 24 guidance on the use of low arousal rooms.docx (DOCX, 47.07 KB) Safeguarding self audit questionnaire 2016 (DOC, 349.5 KB) Safer Recruitment and Employment Model Procedure September 2014 (DOCX, 203.17 KB) Sexting in schools and colleges responding to incidents (PDF, 1.03 MB)


    Contact details and resources for Warwickshire Health Economy and Safeguarding

    Warwickshire Health Economy Lead Professionals for Safeguarding Children

    The Designated Nurse for Warwickshire is responsible for coordinating safeguarding children across Warwickshire; advises and supports Warwickshire Health Trusts and implement their safeguarding children requirements, works closely with the Named Professionals and other agencies

    The Designated Doctor for Warwickshire is Dr Peter Sidebotham who lead on medical issues around Safeguarding Children.

    Contact Details For Warwickshire Health Economy Lead Professionals For Safeguarding Children


    Jackie Channell, Designated Nurse Child Protection 02476 553344 Ext 66159

    Dr. Peter Sidebotham, Designated Doctor Child Protection 02476 378611

    South Warwickshire Foundation Trust:

    Warwick Hospital

    Maggie Ward, Named Nurse Child Protection 01926 495321

    Carol MacPherson, Named Midwife Child Protection 01926 495321

    Dr Vinodhini Clarke, Named Doctor Child Protection 01926 495321

    Community Services

    Dr Vaishali Desai, Named Doctor Child Protection 02476 378611

    Annette Dallas, Lead Named Nurse Child Protection 02476 378601

    North Warwickshire Office, Named Nurses for Child Protection 02476 378601

    South Warwickshire Office, Named Nurses for Child Protection 01926 408817

    Looked After Children Team (LAC)

    Dr Veishali Desai, Named Doctor LAC 02476 378611

    Rachel Webster, Designated Nurse LAC 02476 378610

    Debbie Clarke, Named Nurse LAC 02476 378601

    Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust

    Penny Greenaway, Lead Nurse for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults 02476 536803

    Moira Bishop, Named Nurse Child Protection 02476 538810

    Carole Collins Named Professional for Child Protection 02476 538818

    Rachel Webster, Designated Nurse (LAC) 02476 378610

    Liz Gibbs PA for Child Protection 02476 538816

    George Eliot Hospital NHS Hospital Trust

    Dr Mara Venkataraman – Named Doctor 02476 351351

    Carla Elliott – Named Nurse 02476 865563

    Carol Ball – link Safeguarding Midwife – Drayton Ward, GEH Maternity 02476 351351

    Maggie Davies – Named Safeguarding Midwife 02476 351351

    Executive Lead- Dawn Wardell 02476 351351

    Child Protection Training for Staff from the Health Economy

    For further Information Contact:

    Named Nurses For Child Protection (details above)

    Resources for the Health Economy

    Worried about child (PDF, 299.32 KB) Worried about young person (PDF, 287.27 KB) Core Group Members leaflet.pdf (PDF, 38.21 KB) WSCB Escalation Process (DOCX, 1.04 MB)

    Please contact team for a copy of ‘Child Protection Referral Form’

    Initial Child Protection Conference report (DOC, 77.5 KB)

    Please contact team for a copy of ‘Guidance notes for completing an Initial Child Protection Report’

    Guidance notes for completing the Health Report for Initial Child Protection Case Conference (PDF, 148.22 KB)

    Please contact team for a copy of ‘Guidance notes for completing a Review Child Protection Conference Report’

    Guidance notes for completing the Health Report for Review Child Protection Case Conference (1).pdf (PDF, 25.13 KB) Chronology health guidance (PDF, 35.42 KB) Chronology health template (DOC, 65.5 KB) Analysing risk in child protection – WSCB Risk Assessment Model (2).pdf (PDF, 252.14 KB) ‘Guidance for staff who infrequently attend child protection case conference (PDF, 95.36 KB) Tool for assessing environmental hazards(PDF, 48.8 KB)

    Education Safeguarding Service Training

    Please find the training programme for next academic year below.

    To book a place please email the complete booking form to sophiemorley@warwickshire.gov.uk and a confirmation will be sent out in due course.

    Re: DSL CP Refresher

    If you are unsure where you are on the training cycle (every two years minimum) then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01926 742601.

    Re: Protective Behaviours

    If you require any more resources please complete our form and return it to us. There is a 3rd Edition available to all schools now (yellow box). If you would like this sent please contact Sophie Morley 01926 742601 or Ann Seal.

    If you wish to discuss updating all your staff, or have a number of new staff and would like to book an inset day, please contact Ann Seal on 01926 74 2523 or Mobile 07745 655906.

    Taking Care Resources ORDER FORM (DOC, 253 KB)

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