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Contacting Warwickshire Trading Standards

Trading Standards has an agreement with Citizens Advice to help you report a problem or obtain consumer or business advice.

If you are a consumer or a business and wish to obtain advice, make a complaint or report a breach of Trading Standards law, please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service either by:

Consumers will receive advice directly from the Citizens Advice Consumer Service. This information is shared with Trading Standards in order that Officers can deal with breaches of criminal law.  Businesses requiring advice on Trading Standards law will have their enquiry logged and forwarded to their local Trading Standards Service. Warwickshire businesses will be contacted by Warwickshire Trading Standards.

  • Trading Standards advice leaflets for business advice

    Advice on all aspects of fair trading, safety and under aged sales legislation relating to businesses.

  • Food safety and food standards advice

    Advice for food retailers and packers.

  • Animal Health Advice

    Advice for farmers and livestock businesses.

  • Licencing

    Apply for explosives, petroleum, highway and performing animal licences.

  • Weights and measures

    Information on Warwickshire Trading Standards Calibration Services. Public weighbridges in Warwickshire. Advice on weights and measures legislation that applies to a range of businesses, including jewellers, licensed premises and bakers.

  • Underage Sales

    Advice on the sale of age restricted products, including alcohol and tobacco. Information on proof of age cards.

Trading Standards Business Advice was last updated on January 13, 2014.