Station command structure

During a recent review of the way that Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service organise station based personnel and resources, we looked if there was a better way of doing things. We looked at how our Fire fighters;

  • Respond to calls for help from the public;
  • train together;
  • maintain professional standards of service delivery;
  • prevent fires and other types of incidents;
  • clean and maintain their personal equipment, vehicles, rescue equipment and Fire Stations;
  • provide administrative support processes;
  • collect and assess risks in the community and commercial premises.

One of the results of the review was a change to the Station Management Structure and associated responsibilities.

Previously we had 5 area risk teams who organised the work in the list above. We now have 6 Station Commanders who manage Station based personnel across 3 or 4 individual Stations arranged into clusters. We have created a Group Command support team who will provide support to each one of the Station Commanders.

Station command structure was last updated on May 7, 2013.