Starting secondary school in 2017

A short video to guide you through the school admission process is available here

Offer Day (1st March 2017) is the day we inform parents/carers of their allocated school place (made on time) offered for their child.

We expect our service to be extremely busy and would ask that you only contact us if really necessary.

Online applications

For all parents/carers of children who have applied on time and online for a secondary school place will receive a notification email on the morning of 1st March 2017.

This will link to your online account and we kindly ask that you await that email before contacting us.

If you have forgotten your log in details for your online account please contact the Admissions Team on 01926 414143.

All other on-time applications

For those parents/carers of children who have applied on time for a secondary school place via any other method should receive a letter on the 1st March 2017. All letters were sent on the 27th February 2017 and whilst we anticipate these letters will be delivered on time, we are unable to control postal times once the letters have left our organisation.

Further information

We have information available for What to do next secondary 2017 (pdf, 185 Kb).

We also have information related to our offers made on a summary basis Breakdown of offers secondary 2017 (PDF, 104.14 KB)

Timetable for 2017 entry

Important dates 
9th May 2016 onwards

Application packs sent to year 5 children in Warwickshire schools,including Stratford Preparatory School, The Croft School, Bilton Grange, Milverton House, Crackley Hall School and Crescent School

8th July 2016Closing date for 11+ registration for September 2017 entry (4pm Deadline)
10th September 2016Main 11+ testing session
14th October 201611+ results released to parents/carers
31st October 2016Closing date to apply for a place at a secondary school for September 2017 entry (5pm Deadline)
30th December 2016Final date for families moving into the area
(proof of address must be provided by this date)
27th February 2017Offer letters sent out to Warwickshire residents
1st March 2017National Offer Day for applications to secondary school
  • Parents must apply for a school place through their Local (Home) Authority.
  • Parents may apply for a place at any preferred school.
  • Non-Warwickshire schools can be listed on the Warwickshire application form.
  • If you live within a school’s priority area you have more chance of your child being offered a place at that school.
  • Living within the priority area does not guarantee an offer of a place at that school as there may be more applicants living within the priority area than the number of places available.
  • Warwickshire residents are encouraged to apply online from 9th May 2016.
  • Warwickshire residents can apply for up to seven schools. These schools must be listed in order of preference on your application form.
  • The Headteacher can tell you about the admission arrangements and the opportunities to visit the school.
  • Places are offered according to the admissions criteria.
  • Late applications will not be considered until after offer day 2017.

You must comply with the deadlines set by your Local (Home) Authority.

Year 10 applications

Children currently in Year 9 have the opportunity to apply for University Technical Colleges for Year 10.

Post 16 education

To apply, or for further information on post 16 education please contact the school or college directly.
Details of schools sixth form admission arrangements can be found here.

Starting secondary school in 2017 was last updated on March 14, 2017.