Equality and Diversity for Staff

Equality is at the heart of the Council’s vision:
“Putting Customers First; Improving Services and Leading Our Communities”.

WCC is committed to Equality and Diversity and is integral to everything thing we do including policy development, service delivery and partnership working to ensure we meet the Public Sector Duty as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

The ‘Equality and Diversity team’ have developed a number of resources and guides to help you promote and deliver our equality and diversity agenda.

Equality and diversity resources

Equality and diversity resources 2016

Throughout 2016 the equality and diversity team organised 2 successful conferences focusing on challenging inappropriate behaviour and transgender awareness in the work place.

Positively Diverse Conference Agenda (PDF, 235.81 KB)

Equality and diversity resources 2015

A very successful conference was organised by the equality and Diversity Team on 14th April 2015. Resources from the conference are available below:

Positively Diverse Conference Agenda (PPTX, 185.76 KB)

Peter Hall from the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion facilitated a workshop on ‘unconscious bias’.Introduction to unconscious bias workshop 14.4.15 (PPS, 1.65 MB)
Unconscious bias handout (PDF, 342.7 KB)


www.stonewall.org.uk is a free information service can answer your questions about lesbian, gay and bisexual rights.

Please find link to Stonewall’s No Bystanders campaign video. This hard-hitting and powerful film demonstrates that, unchecked, the abusive language children learn in the playground stays with them into adulthood. It encourages people – including gay people – to check their own language, and pledge not to be a bystander whenever they hear it from others.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s Acting Chief Executive said: “This powerful film starkly shows how easily prejudice and bullying can escalate from playground teasing to grown-up violence. No one can afford to be a bystander to this bullying and that is why we are calling on people to make the pledge: hear it, stop it”.

This video was shown to delegates as part of the unconscious bias workshop.

Please see equalityhumanrights.com for more information.

Autism in the workplace

At Warwickshire County Council we recognise that we have a neurodiverse workforce and that may mean managers need to access additional support and information regarding this. Therefore, the equalities team have created a document detailing information about autism in the workplace and where to go to get support and advice if needed.

Autism in the workplace (PDF, 26.33 KB)


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Respect and dignity at work

Bullying is a concept that many of us associate with a school environment, and is not something we expect to experience as adults when we go to work. Sadly bullying and harassment, whilst not common, does occur, and the Council is firmly committed to creating an environment which promotes dignity and respect, and one where bullying and harassment is not tolerated.

Bullying or harassment can occur for a number of reasons, sometimes through cultural differences, discriminatory comments, such as homophobic insults, inappropriate jokes or ‘banter’, or at times through malicious intent. For a member of staff at the receiving end it can be upsetting, demoralising, and holds them back from fulfilling their full potential. The Council is therefore committed to taking any reports seriously, and listening to the concerns of staff involved.

As part of the Council’s approach to tackling bullying and harassment, staff can get in touch with a dignity at work contact for advice. Dignity at work reporting form. Alternatively, staff can contact a Dignity at Work contact independently, please see this poster for a list of the Dignity at Work contacts available.

  • Dignity at Work Poster (PDF, 8.11 MB).
  • Dignity at work policy and procedure (PDF, 71.09 KB)
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    Family Friendly Working Policy and Guide

    Warwickshire County Council is committed to family friendly working, often giving more generous benefits than the legal entitlement. We hope that all our employees and their families can benefit from our policies.

    The Family Friendly Guide is designed to help answer any questions you may have on family friendly working at the county council, and outline what you are entitled to as an employee. We have been assisted by colleagues within the Council who have helpfully checked the readability and style of the booklet.

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    Equality and Diversity for Staff was last updated on August 15, 2017.