Salaries of senior managers

Warwickshire County Council is committed to being as transparent as possible in how it uses public money. One aspect of this is how much our most senior staff earn.

Warwickshire County Council is a large organisation, with a demanding role and we need the best people in place to deliver our services. We have to balance fair rewards for responsibilities undertaken and the need to be able to recruit and retain skilled senior managers, with the need to get good value for money for taxpayers.

Our senior staff are graded and paid in accordance with locally determined management bands that are linked to an index of salaries for similar jobs elsewhere in the public sector. Salary increases are reviewed annually on 1st January.

Chief Executive

Position titleSalary band (per annum)
Chief Executive£172,866

Resources Group

Position titleSalary band (per annum)
Strategic Director£125,654 – £139,383
Customer Service Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Finance Head of Service£93,672 – £106,161
HR and Organisational Development Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Information Assets Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Law and Governance Head of Service£93,672 – £106,161
Physical Assets Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Service Improvement and Change Management Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448

Communities Group

Position titleSalary band (per annum)
Strategic Director£125,654 – £139,383
Localities and Community Safety Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Public Health Head of ServiceTo be appointed
Economic Growth Head of Service£93,672 – £106,161
Transport and Highways Head of Service£93,672 – £106,161

People Group

Position titleSalary band (per annum)
Strategic Director£125,654 – £139,383
Professional Practice and Governance Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Social Care and Support Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Children and Families Head of Service£93,672 – £106,161
Strategic Commissioning Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448
Education and Learning Head of Service£81,574 – £92,448

Salaries of senior managers was last updated on July 25, 2016.