Roads and streetlighting

Roads and Streetlighting

  • Road works and construction

    Information on road design for Warwickshire, road adoptions and highway works agreements.

  • Streetlights

    Report a faulty streetlight and find information about part-night lighting.

  • Parking

    Features information on car parking fines, resident parking schemes, car parks, on street parking, disabled parking bays and blue badges.

  • HGV Limits and routing

    Maps shows the most suitable routes around Warwickshire, the main industrial areas, refuelling stops, parking areas and services stations, all of which are suitable for heavy goods traffic. In addition it shows height and weight restrictions and approximate speed camera locations.

  • Temporary structures licence on the highway

    To put a temporary structure – scaffolding, hoarding and cranes/access arms – on a public road, you need a licence from the local authority.

  • Road maintenance

    Includes information on how to apply for a dropped kerb, essential winter road maintenance, surface dressing, road markings and signs.

  • Organising an event on the highway

    The highway is a road or street, verge, footway or pavement, public footpath or bridleway that is the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council as the highway authority.

  • Report faults

    Report streetlighting faults, highway problems and potholes. When contacting us please describe the nature and location of the highway fault in as much detail as possible.

  • Private access protection

    Details about and how to apply for private road access marking.

  • Highway insurance claim

    We are responsible for managing a highway network of 2,368 miles of road and 1,650 miles of footway. Our resources are limited but we try to keep defects to a minimum. We accept that we may not always meet everyone’s expectations.

  • Highway search enquiries

    We are authority for highways for the districts within Warwickshire and hold information about the status and extents of the highway (excluding trunk roads and motorways).

  • Street parties

    Street parties and fetes are a traditional part of community life. They are a simple way for us to get to know our neighbours and meet members of our community.

  • Ragwort

    Ragwort is an injurious weed with toxins that can be dangerous to livestock and humans. Find out how to identify and report Ragwort.

  • Flytipping and litter

    Fly-tipping and Litter are both forms of “Environmental Crime”, which covers activities which are against the law and are detrimental to the environment and quality of life.

Roads and streetlighting was last updated on July 17, 2015.