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  • Family Information Service (FIS)

    FIS are a free and impartial information and signposting service for families with children and young people. They provide a wide range of information on issues affecting family life including childcare, child safety, financial help for parents, information and tips on parenting, disability support and working parents employment rights.

  • Parent advisor service

    The Parent Support Adviser service offers support to the parents and carers of children at selected primary schools in Warwickshire. To find out more about how the Parenting Support Adviser service can help, please contact the advisor for your child’s school directly (contact details are listed below) or call 01926 746967.

  • Parenting programmes

    Toddler tantrums? Trouble coping with teenagers? No one ever said being a parent was going to be easy! In fact, it is probably the most demanding job that you will ever have. Whether you need a little bit of advice or more detailed help, the Parenting Development Team co-ordinate a number of courses which can help you.

  • Support around separation and divorce

    Separation, divorce and family break up can be a painful and stressful experience for the whole family. The websites and services listed can provide advice and support for anyone going through this process.

  • Support for dads

    Being a dad is probably the most important job that you will ever have, but it’s not always easy. The websites and services listed give information, advice and support on all areas of fatherhood.

  • Support for mums

    Being a mum is probably the most important job that you will ever have, but it’s not always easy. The websites listed are an ideal source of information, support and advice for mums, providing ideas, solutions and recommendations on a wide-range of parenting topics.

  • Support for lone parents

    Being a parent can be a tough and demanding job at times. If you are trying to do it on your own, it can be even harder. The websites and services listed offer support and advice on a range of subjects relating to single parent family life including the financial help that is available to lone or single parents.

  • Support for new parents

    Having a baby is a major life-changing experience. If you are expecting a baby or you have recently become a parent, the websites and services listed will give you support and advice to help mums and dads-to-be through pregnancy and birth and new parents through the early days of parenthood and beyond.

  • Support for the families of prisoners

    In Warwickshire, the children of around 500 families are affected by the imprisonment of a close family member at any given time. This can have a significant effect on the family life of all involved.

Parenting support was last updated on October 22, 2014.