Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are not only for young babies, but may also be a celebration for older, adoptive and stepchildren, welcoming them into a new relationship with their new family unit and community.

The ceremonies provide a dignified and formal event to:

  • welcome the child into the family and community;
  • publicly announce their names, perhaps giving the reasons behind the choice;
  • as parents make personal commitments to each other (as well to the child);
  • choose adult friends and/or relatives to take part in the ceremony as “encouraging adults” who pledge a special relationship with the child.

Where can I have a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony can be arranged at any of our registration offices or approved venues in the county and one of our experienced ceremony celebrants will conduct the ceremony.

What day can they be held on?

Naming ceremonies can be held on any weekday, along with Saturdays and Sundays, during the day. Early evening ceremonies may also be available on occasions.

Can I have readings, poems and music for the ceremony?

There is a range of options for readings, poems and music to choose from for the ceremony.

How much does it cost?

Day Registration office ceremony rooms Approved venues
Monday to Thursday £175 £340
Friday £175 £410
Saturday £175 £440
Sunday and bank holidays £175 £480

The next fee review is on the 1st April 2015 and the amount payable will be the fee applicable on the day of your ceremony.

Naming ceremonies was last updated on September 29, 2014.