Local transport plan 2011-26

The third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) came into effect on 1st April 2011. The Plan covers the period 2011-2026 and replaces the second
Local Transport Plan (2006-11)

Local Transport Plan Main Strategy:

Warwickshire Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 (pdf, 8.4Mb)


LTP3 Appendix A (pdf, 1Mb)

LTP3 Appendix B (pdf, 772Kb)

LTP3 Appendix C (pdf, 3Mb)

LTP3 Appendix D (pdf, 1.1Mb)

LTP3 Appendix E (pdf, 6Mb)

LTP3 Appendix F (pdf, 445kb)

LTP3 Appendix G (pdf, 26Kb)

LTP3 has been developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders and local people. The stages of the consultation exercise, which began in summer 2009, are summarised below.

Stage 1: Identifying the issues and priorities (summer 2009)

This consultation was carried out at local Community Forums and through contact with a wider group of people and organisations (e.g Train Operating Companies, Bus Operators, the Environment Agency etc) to obtain views in relation to the development of the Local Transport Plan.

Results of this initial consultation:

Issues & priorities consultation – results from members of the public (pdf, 303Kb)

Issues & Priorities Consultation – Results from Key Organisations (pdf, 278Kb)

Stage 2: Agreeing preferred options and strategy to deal with goals and issues (spring 2010)

The public were invited to submit their views on the overall policy direction for the Local Transport Plan and specific transport measures which may be included.

Stage 3: Full public consultation on draft document (summer 2010)

The consultation on the draft Local Transport Plan 3 ended in August 2010 and the responses received will be used to inform the final Local Transport Plan.

In addition, a Stakeholder Workshop was held in December 2010, you can download the stakeholder workshop summary of findings. You can also view the stakeholder workshop appendix to the report which details responses to questions and queries raised at the event.

Stakeholder workshop summary of findings (pdf, 3.3Mb)

Stakeholder workshop appendix (pdf, 266Kb)

<!–LTP Consultation draft

Local Transport Plan 3: Full Consultation draft

The public consultation on the draft Local Transport Plan 3 (LTP3) ran from 3 June – 27 August 2010 and the draft documents making up the LTP can be downloaded below.

LTP3 Main Strategy

Core LTP3 Strategy (pdf, 943Kb) – including geographical based Area Strategies.

LTP3 Mode and Topic Strategies

Draft Accessibility Strategy (pdf, 591Kb)

Draft Congestion Strategy (pdf, 191Kb)

Draft Air Quality Strategy (pdf, 163Kb)

Draft Land Use and Transportation Strategy (pdf, 191Kb)

Draft Road Safety Strategy (pdf, 333Kb)

Draft Airport Accessibility Strategy (pdf, 130Kb)

Draft Bridge Maintenance Strategy (pdf, 103Kb)

Draft Highway Maintenance Strategy (pdf, 164Kb)

The Network Management Duty (pdf, 145Kb)

Draft Sustainable Freight Strategy (pdf, 120Kb)

Draft Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy (pdf, 309Kb)

Draft Parking Strategy (pdf, 221Kb)

Draft Powered Two Wheeler Strategy (pdf, 162Kb)

Draft Public Transport Strategy (pdf, 157Kb)

Draft Bus Strategy (pdf, 283Kb)

Draft Passenger Rail Strategy (pdf, 407Kb)

Draft Community Transport Strategy (pdf, 199Kb)

Draft Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Strategy (pdf, 125Kb)

Draft Public Transport Interchange Strategy (pdf, 157Kb)

Draft Bus Information Strategy (pdf, 129Kb)

Draft Changing Travel Behaviour/Smarter Choices Strategy (pdf, 135Kb)

Draft Walking Strategy (pdf, 227Kb)

Draft Cycling Strategy (pdf, 230Kb)

Draft Rights of Way and Recreational Highway Strategy 2011-2026M

LTP3 Implementation Plan 2011 – 2014

We are is required by the Department for Transport (DfT) to produce an LTP3 Implementation Plan to set out, in broad terms how the LTP will be delivered. We have, in line with guidance from Government Office West Midlands, chosen to produce a three year Implementation Plan.

Draft Implementation Plan (2011- 2014) (pdf, 144Kb)

LTP3 Appendices

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C – Air Quality Action Plans

Once an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) has been declared, there is a requirement for an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) to be produced to set out the measures which will be put in place to address the particular air quality issue. This Appendix provides copies of all existing Air Quality Action Plans at the time of the submission of LTP3. These relate to following AQMA’s:

  • Coleshill
  • Nuneaton
  • Rugby
  • Warwick
  • Leamington Spa
  • Barford (now revoked)
  • Studley

A number of these plans are still in draft form and have yet to be finalised. Others, such as the Warwick/Leamington Spa/Barford and Nuneaton AQAP’s will shortly be revised to take account of additional air quality declarations within their area. New plans for Kenilworth, Henley-in-Arden and Stratford-upon-Avon are also under consideration. Further details can be found within the LTP Air Quality Strategy.

North Warwickshire Air Quality Action Plan (pdf, 1.5Mb)

Nuneaton and Bedworth Air Quality Action Plan (pdf, 356Kb)

Rugby Air Quality Action Plan (pdf, 558Kb)

Studley Air Quality Action Plan (pdf, 667Kb)

Warwick District Air Quality Action Plan (pdf, 310Kb)

Appendix D – Strategic Environmental Assessment

Warwickshire LTP SEA Environmental Report (pdf, 411Kb)

LTP SEA Options Assessment (pdf, 235Kb)

SEA Appendix 1 (topic papers) (pdf, 3.1 MB)

LTP SEA Appendix 2 – Assessment of Future Baseline (pdf, 119Kb)

LTP SEA Appendix 3 – Assessment of Options (pdf, 120Kb)

LTP SEA Appendix 4 – Assessment of Draft LTP including assessment Matrices (pdf, 444Kb)

Appendix E – Equality Impact Assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment will be available as part of the final version of the LTP.

Appendix F

Draft habitats Regulation Assessment (pdf, 296Kb)


Local Transport Plan 2 – 2006-11


Local Transport Plan 2 – 2006 to 2011 – Main document (pdf, 44.1Mb)

Local Transport Plan 2 – 2006 to 2011 – Annex (pdf, 2.4Mb)

For further information on LTP2, please contact us.

Local transport plan 2011-26 was last updated on March 22, 2013.