Love 2 Bike

Cycling is for everyone! Both leisure and cycling for work has numerous benefits in terms of health, well-being and the environment. We want to give people the practical skills and knowledge to cycle on Warwickshire’s roads safely and confidently.

The Love2Bike initiative covers two main areas aimed at groups or organisations.

  • Love2Bike Work: Commuter cycling and cycling at work – aimed at businesses and organisations
  • Love2Bike Leisure: Events and training activities aimed at leisure/family cycling

Love2Bike also runs a number of campaigns and events to raise awareness of cycling.

Why Love2Bike?

Cycling is statistically very safe, however with an increase in popularity comes an increase in road crashes involving cyclists. Many collisions involving cyclists are preventable through upskilling cyclists and better driver awareness of cycling. Love2Bike aims to equip cyclists with the right advice and guidance through training and events throughout Warwickshire.

The training

Love2Bike Work: for businesses and organisations

We want to promote cycling as a viable alternative to using the car, therefore a lot of our work covers cycling to, from and at work. We offer both in-house practical and theory training sessions which take participants all the way to an advanced level of cycling. All our training is fun, interactive and taught by highly experienced friendly instructors passionate about cycling.

For companies interested in Love2Bike and want to incorporate our training packages into their green travel planning or staff development, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Love2Bike .

Love2Bike Work: case study 1

National Grid in Warwick were keen to promote green travel planning in the workplace. They have a wide range of facilities for cyclists to use such as bike racks and showers. However, there was a training need to ensure their employees travelled to work safely. Love2Bike Work was able to offer a comprehensive training package which consisted of a 2 hour classroom based presentation held in their offices followed by practical on the road training sessions in smaller groups. National Grid’s staff were able to understand and develop their cycling skills and tackle advanced scenarios such as busy junctions close to their work place.

Love2Bike Work: case study 2

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue along with Warwickshire Police use bikes to access hard to reach areas, for example arson reduction or community engagement. Using a bike at work is an efficient low cost and less intimidating way to engage with the community. All staff using a bike were enrolled on the Love2Bike Work scheme and received both theory and practical on-road training. Love2Bike gave both groups vital advanced training including route planning and the ability to tackle busy urban roads with confidence.


Love2Bike activities are managed by Warwickshire County Council who also run Bikeability for children. Any business or organisation interested in taking part in Love2Bike work can contact us for a free appraisal of their cycling business needs. A bespoke training package can then be developed for the business or organisation.

Love2Bike Work

A mixture of theory and practical training can be offered. For companies short on time with a high number of staff, a theory only session can be delivered to a larger group. Practical courses, which have greater impact, can be delivered in smaller groups and offer real world cycle training. Most of our Love2Bike Work courses have a course fee which varies on the size of the organisation and the number of training sessions required.

Love2Bike Leisure

Our Love2Bike Leisure training and events are promoted via this website and through local news channels. Some events may have a course fee.

Love2Bike News & information

During the first phase of the Love2Bike’s development we are currently inviting employers or organisations who are interested in equipping their staff with the skills and knowledge for safer cycling to get in touch as we are able to offer a range of bespoke training solutions.

In the meantime a number of campaigns and activities will be developed to promote cycling within Warwickshire.