Children’s social care and safeguarding – services for looked after children

Warwickshire Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding resources and facilities available to any Looked After Child and Care Leavers who may be placed in Warwickshire by your authority.

1. How to contact us


All notifications of looked after children placed in Warwickshire should be sent to:

or to the following address using the Out of Area Notification Form (DOCX, 38.81 KB)

Independent Reviewing Service
Building 3 2nd Floor
Saltisford Office Park
Ansell Way
CV34 4UL

These addresses should also be used for reporting any change of address for the child/young person and for notifying Warwickshire when child or young person is leaving the area.

The received information will be recorded as a notification on the Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding database.

Duty to consult

If you are planning to place a child from your local authority in Warwickshire and it is a ‘distant’ placement you should consult with us. In the first instance you are asked to make this request via email to or call 01926 414144 , once the appropriate children’s team has received this, you will be contacted within 2 working days.

Please email specifying the area of the county where you are planning to place the child or young person.

2. Education Services


Details about schools in Warwickshire can be found on the Warwickshire website.

The website includes pages on schools, term dates, admissions etc.


The Warwickshire Admissions Team is able to offer advice on the admissions process for all schools in the authority. Contact details for the School Admissions Team are:
01926 742037 or 01926 742047
Address: Saltisford Office Park, Ansell Way,Warwick,CV34 4UL

Virtual School

The Virtual School works closely and in partnership with the schools across Warwickshire to improve educational outcomes for children who are looked after. It also works collaboratively with colleagues in other local authorities and other Virtual Schools

The Virtual School Team can be contacted:
01926 742018

Special Educational Needs

Information regarding support for children with special educational needs who have a Statement of SEN or and Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan can be obtained from:

Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review (SENDAR)
01926 724160

Education Psychology Services

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) can be commissioned to advise on the educational, social, emotional and developmental needs of children and young people. The EPS will assist in identifying the most appropriate provision and monitoring this on behalf of the placing authority

The EPS can be contacted on
01926 742921

3. Early Help, Parenting and Targeted Support

Services to support children and young people becoming vulnerable, or ‘step down’ services for children and young people who have been looked after, subject to a child protection plan or in receipt of other specialist provision.

Children’s Centres

Warwickshire has 39 designated children’s centres located in ten geographical groups with two independent centres at St Michael’s in Bedworth and Stockingford in Nuneaton.
01926 742231

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

The CAF is a tool designed to help practitioners working with any child or young person (aged 0-19 years) who they believe may have additional needs that do not require a referral to a specialist service or professional (e.g. medical professional, Social Care, CAMHS).
02476 754229

Family Information Service (FIS)

Warwickshire FIS is a free and impartial information and signposting service for all families, children and young people (aged 0-20) and the professionals who work with them.

The service provides information and advice on a wide range of issues including:

  • Support groups and services for parents and families
  • Sport, play and recreational activities
  • Financial support that is available to help families
  • Parenting support/programmes
  • Help with choosing and finding childcare
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Legal information including rights for working parents
  • Child Safety
  • Educational matters
01926 742274 or 08450 908044

Targeted Youth Support

Targeted Support for Young People (TS4YP) engages with young people who are difficult to reach, and who are resistant to learning and in providing them with the opportunity of gaining a positive destination. TS4YP accepts referrals from partner agencies, schools and young people themselves.
01926 742491 or 01926 413604

4. Adoption Services

Key responsibilities of the Adoption Support Service Advisor are to give advice and information to people affected by adoption. The ASSA is a single point of contact to provide information, signpost to appropriate services and to advise on how those services may be accessed. The ASSA is also available to provide consultation, advice and information to other local authorities for example where children are being placed in the area for adoption or where an adoptive family is moving between authorities. This is to ensure a smooth transition in the provision of adoption support services.

Contact ASSA:
01926 4743072 or the adoption duty social worker on 01926 746956

5. Health Services

Health Services for Looked After Children and Young People ( HELAC)
The health needs of looked after children and young people in Warwickshire are monitored by a designated doctor and nurse who have a strategic role in overseeing the health of all looked after children placed by Warwickshire Council. They work in partnership with other health and local authority staff.

The designated doctor and nurse can be contacted as follows:

Administrator: or 02476 378601

Designated Nurse for Looked After Children: 02476 378610

Designated doctor LAC: 02476 378611

Designated nurse for safeguarding

02676 246019 or the secure general link to the CCG where the designated safeguarding nurse is based is

CAMHS – Single Point of Entry

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are accessed via a referral to the CAMHS Single Point of Entry (SPE). A triage is made at the SPE to route the referral to the appropriate service which is either likely to be:

  • REACH: a targeted service for children and young people with moderate mental health needs
  • Specialist CAMHS: for children with severe and diagnosable mental health needs

Referrals to the SPE are to be made, in writing, via a referral form.

Please note that self-referrals are not accepted for specialist CAMHS.

The Single Point of Entry can be contacted on:

0300 200 2021
Fax: 024 7696 1579

Specialist CAMHS:

Journey’s – Designated Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service for Looked After Children and Young People and those Adopted.

Journey’s is commissioned to work with children and young people (0-18) who are looked after or adopted and have mild-moderate mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. It offers therapeutic support with a counsellor, primary mental health worker or occupational therapist depending on the young person’s needs. The service also offers consultation, 1-1 or group support and training to foster carers and adopters and consultation and training to professionals working with looked after children and young people. A charge is made for providing service to non Warwickshire looked after children and those adopted and placed in the area where less than 3 years have elapsed since the granting of the adoption order.

Contact details for Journeys are as follows:

Address: The Junction
141 Far Gosford Street
0845 504 0550 or 02476 631835

Respect Yourself Campaign

A web based resource that is safe and reliable, where young people can explore issues that are important to them. The site is monitored and supported by professionals who provide answers to encourage young people to take control of their relationships and to move at a pace they are comfortable with. There is emphasis on the emotional side of relationships as well as covering the physical aspects.

Sexual Health Services

Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM), Community Contraception and Sexual Health, Chlamydia Screening, Primary Care Services

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) – Blue Sky Centre

A Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is a single location where any victim of Rape or Serious Assault will receive medical care, intervention (if you choose to report the crime) and various other support services. A SARC is an independent service that can operate 24/7 to assist all victims of Rape and Sexual Assault. The SARC is a local partnership set up to focus on your immediate support needs.
0800 0887248 or 01788 578227
Address: Suite 4, Hilton House, Corporation Street, Rugby, Warwickshire

6. Children’s Participation

Children in Care Council

Warwickshire’s Children in Care Council is the voice for children and young people in the care of Warwickshire County Council who are aged between 11yrs and 20 yrs

They support the development of service improvement for Warwickshire’s looked after children and young people up to the age of 24.

For further information contact the participation worker on:
01926 742001

7. Youth Justice Service

Warwickshire Youth Justice and Family Intervention Service (WYJFIS) manages all young people within the criminal justice system – those at risk of offending and those who are subject to an out of court police disposal or sentenced to a court order. The service supervises those young people and offers support to their parents, managing parenting orders where these are imposed by the court

If you are placing a young person in Warwickshire who is known to your local Youth Offending Team as at risk of offending, or convicted of offending, you are required under the national YJB Protocol to notify the WYJS to arrange for the service to ‘caretake’ the case on your behalf. Your Youth Offending Team must provide all relevant documentation as detailed in the protocol, to enable effective management of the young person; managing the risks they pose to others, or factors that make them vulnerable.

Please call the service to discuss young people being placed in Warwickshire on 01926 682650 and following this communication send all required documentation to:

Secure e-mail:

The service also delivers Family Intervention to families with complex needs, as part of the Priority Families provision within Warwickshire.

If you have a family with complex needs moving into Warwickshire contact the service by calling 01926 682650 and send all required documentation to Secure e-mail:

8. Safeguarding Services


If you wish to make a referral to our Local Authority Designated Officer this will be considered under the Warwickshire Safeguarding Procedures. If the professionals work in Warwickshire we would expect our LADO to take the lead.

The LADO can be contacted on 01926 74 2372

Child Sexual Exploitation HUB and Missing Children Services

If there are CSE risks (at any level) to children or there is a risk of them going missing, placing Local Authorities must inform Warwickshire County Council who will require a Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Form to be completed so that the child/young person’s vulnerabilities are understood.

All notifications for missing children are screened by our Missing Persons Co-ordinator for the Police and forwarded to the relevant Children’s Team for the child’s area of residence. Where the child is looked after you will be sent a copy within 2 working days. If the child/young person in considered to be at immediate risk of significant harm you will be contacted immediately and we may request that a strategy meeting is convened. We will attend such a meeting to share local knowledge.

As directed by national guidance children who are reported as missing in Warwickshire will have a Missing Return Interview completed within 72 hours of returning home or to care

To contact these services

01926 684 490 or the Missing Person’s Co-ordinator on 01926 684 441

9. Emergency Duty Team

The Emergency Duty Service is available to all callers out of hours – weekends, Bank Holidays and after 5.30PM Monday to Thursday and 5.00PM on Friday:

01926 886922

They will record details of any notifications onto the electronic social care record and alert the relevant Children’s Team for the area where the child is living

Children’s social care and safeguarding – services for looked after children was last updated on July 4, 2017.